Kuangzhuan 4 billion 499 million euros, he will have many car companies cornered

Zhejiang a dead end the euro the farmers

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< p > early in 1997, Li Shufu, larger guns: "cars have what fantastic, is not the four wheels, two sofas and a shell?? "Outside a group", "car", "auto madman madman" hat, became Li Shufu's nickname.

but he said, to use the results, so that people all over the world were surprised!

2013 years, when Geely owner Li Shufu snake swallow like the acquisition of Volvo cars, the world almost everyone is waiting to see the joke.

however, today, those who see a joke, to be disappointed.

in the first quarter of this year, Volvo car performance is not good or not, the global sales reached 120 thousand, an increase of 11.9% over last year, 2 billion 400 million yuan to achieve profitability, profit margin of 7.5%. Net income from last year's 3 billion 625 million euros, up to 4 billion 499 million euros, an increase of 24%. Class=

"content_img_p" (acquisition of the scene, Li Shufu signature)

Niu force it?

last year more cattle, Volvo last year, turned over three times earnings!

Li Shufu of Volvo merger, can be said to be China enterprises to foreign mergers and acquisitions in the most successful example of the great. Global car brand sales and profits are declining, on the Volvo a strength to run, so that others also how to live?

has been "a madman" nickname Li Shufu, this seems to have cornered the Global Motor Co!

Li Shufu is not the official two generation, the two generation, and even appearance is not surprising!

he was a farmer, and he looked like a typical farmer. Temperament Dunhou, nose and small eyes, looks very can drink like wilderness full of temperament, grassroots. < p > and his appearance was matched. This fellow nerve is specially big, the director general, mixed hesitate, which belongs to the sky is falling to sleep.

bets are two + mixed hesitate, commercial character in the character of Li Shufu. This is obviously the

bets. Li Shufu once recalled, "when I was a child I have gambled, for example won $1, down, change four blocks, full down, change 8 pieces, then down, 16 of the block. Some people have won 1 dollars, to recover 5 hair, he won the money much less than I. But I bet this, may last all have no, one is not left. "

Li Shufu made a refrigerator, a motorcycle, a car, and so on. Originally a thing done well very profitable, he suddenly switch to a run to do another thing not to make money, but also to all the money he had earned all bets on, regardless of whether, even the industry of water have much do not know a dive down. The first gold

Li Shufu, is for people to take photos.

Li Shufu was 19 years old, just graduated from high school. At that time the Chinese camera is also very little, take a photo is a door craft live. National management of the industry in this industry is a special industry, that is, to give people take photos, must be approved by the public security bureau. Li Shufu borrowed some money from his father to buy a camera, so he started his career.

so, Li Shufu in the streets of Taizhou for people to take photos. In just two years, Li Shufu has gained a million dollars. This year, is not a matter of!

Li Shufu second venture, is to refine gold and silver in the garbage heap.

early reform and opening up, many of the raw materials are state control, monopoly, township enterprises to buy some copper, aluminum, or some of the equipment are to the old market to buy. Taizhou has a lot of waste electrical and electronic equipment market, old market has some copper skin on gold-plated silver plated equipment, especially some large transformer, the copper strip surface are silver plated. From the photos of Li Shufu just learned some silver bromide and sodium chloride decomposition method, the separation of copper and gold and silver. So, Li Shufu has made second money.

two money, Li Shufu will fall out to fiddle with a refrigerator parts factory, and earn money. Two years later, he simply has a name for the Arctic flower refrigerator factory. Refrigerator factory to make money, he soon became a well-known local millionaire. Class= img_box "

(left a young Li Shufu)

1993 years, Li Shufu is determined to build a motorcycle. He did not have the experience of doing a motorcycle, the most important thing is that there is no license. So he went to the Beijing Ministry of machinery motorcycle management office, rash asked, "we want to motorcycle production, is not you here batch? "The return of the wall. But did not deter Li Shufu, he soon found a home on the verge of collapse of state-owned motorcycle factory, spend money to "buy" the a permit. East to engage in the west, Li Shufu became the first 6 production of the first motorcycle manufacturers.

1997, the restless Taizhou whim, announced to build the car. The biggest obstacle to private enterprises or government approved repairer. Li Shufu is still looking for "adaptation"". It is incredible that his car license from Deyang, Sichuan, a prison, the prison has a car factory, Li Shufu capital injection of 7% of the equity. After the fight. Eventually, Mr. Li got the first piece of civilian battalion business cars license, become the automotive history a unprecedented event!

2010, the gambler and did a fantastic thing. Geely Holding Group to the price of $1 billion 800 million will be Ford's Volvo Car Corp in the hands of the bag. At that time, Li Shufu was also a billion of debt: the use of bank loans to about 3000000000 Yuan, about 2000000000 yuan of funds from the capital market in Hongkong, matching the business arrears about 6000000000 yuan, liabilities of more than 10 billion yuan. But Li Shufu saw, fling caution to the winds. Finally, the 86 year old European luxury car brand, by a car only 12 years of Chinese car company won the.

step by step, Li Shufu was walking a startling step by step, start with a very heavy, only to the tiger. This fellow is a from beginning to end the flow gambler blood Zhuer, super trust your intuition, once determined, put all your eggs in one basket.

Li Shufu is a mix of liberal people!

other people look at him, like watching a clown on the stage, but he looked at other people's ridicule, also like a spider silk gently erase.

said bluntly, called silly; a good listener, popular words, called "insensitive force". < early in 1997, Li Shufu, larger guns: "cars have what fantastic, is not the four wheels, two sofas and a shell?? "He was killed outside," car "," auto madman madman "hat, became Li Shufu's nickname.

2000, Li Shufu in the CCTV "dialogue", and said he was going to make a car in china. Liu Chuanzhi talked about the reaction at the time, said: the audience laughed. There may be some kind and admiration, but most of them are skeptical and disdain. Even today, the car is still in the eyes of everyone, throw out billions of dollars could not hear the sound of the burn industry. < p > and at that time, Li Shufu made cars have three obvious "congenitally deficient": only 1 billion yuan of its own funds; without any car industry experience and the accumulation of; have not been any support from the government.

but Li Shufu is very calm, not only calm, he will continue to rage! Year, Li Shufu in a forum on the automobile and Cannon: "we Chinese people start a repairer, general motors, Ford sooner or later will be closed. "This gas several multinational companies on behalf of exit.

"you're a motorcycle, can build a car? "This is perhaps the outside world to Li Shufu's greatest doubt. The first car "Geely pride" officially off the assembly line, looks like a small development of the small. Li Shufu pendulum banquet table, a 7 Zhang Qingjian officials nationwide to dealers and, only to come to the vice governor of Zhejiang Province, 9 desks dish was left out in the cold.

Geely's acquisition of Volvo, started in the circle is also considered groundless statement. But because of who like Li Shufu as Volvo global. When Li Shufu find the United States Ford talk about this thing, Ford did not know who Li Shufu is, even see also do not see, talk about it. Wrote half of the mail to the Ford Motor Co, people or simply ignore. Then Li Shufu anxious, directly to the door. Talk, ah, grinding, grinding, and finally to Li Shufu. Li Shufu said afterwards: three points on their own, seven by providence!

even if the acquisition is successful, quite a separate within the people still think Li Shufu will fail. They believe that Geely and Volvo are not a grade, Volvo has suffered serious losses, the Swedes own business is not good, Geely simply couldn't make up such a mess!

however, Li Shufu still persist in wilfully and arbitrarily be careless with! He said, to use the results, so that people all over the world are surprised!

this is Li Shufu, he seems to see others face laugh, do not listen to others' ridicule. Other people how to say how to look, all ignore, not surprised not at first, you laugh at you, I do my! < p > today Volvo's operating conditions, we can be pleased to say, "auto madman" Li Shufu, finally see the victory of the dawn!

can be said that Li Shufu is a typical entrepreneur with Chinese characteristics. China successful entrepreneurs, mostly have a common characteristic, that is the gamble + mixed hesitate. It is this business temperament, so that they can get the last laugh until the end.

entrepreneurs, especially entrepreneurs, is to dare to bet. Bet on what? Chance of gambling! Entrepreneurship, in the final analysis rely on three things: the first is the opportunity, the second is the time, the third is the time! One of the most important ability of entrepreneurs is to grasp the time point"!

therefore, successful entrepreneurs, and economists are not the same, not like Hamlett, brainstorming, shilly-shally. Time has come, spotted on dry, conditions, open mountains, water bypass, did not create the conditions to, anyway, to do!

at the same time, entrepreneurs also have to bear the force insensitive criticism of others. Opportunity only found in the absence of only real chance, all people in the Kuomintang found the opportunity, opportunity to cool off the day lily! But we did not see the opportunities you will dry up, so it is possible that you are recognized as the idiot! < p > in the Song Dynasty there was a super fortuneteller told Shao Yong, he said an expert in the world before the change can be perceived, but ordinary people did not feel, even feel the opposite. This is the first opportunity". Opportunities only belong to those who can be perceived in advance, if others are disillusioned, "the first opportunity" has not belong to you. < p > that is to say, those who most Niubi, foresight; those people in general, is belatedly; those who most stupid and before I knew it, the. And success, only to those who are able to perceive the trend in advance, and super confident, dare to adhere to the people. < p > what it boils down to, every entrepreneur, entrepreneur shall hone your own in the dawn or twilight state under the judgment, and perseverance!

in the final analysis, whether Li Shufu, or Ren Zhengfei, Dong Mingzhu, Ma Yun and others, they are able to win, relying on the ability to grasp this strategy.

this era, only paranoia and persecution paranoia to victory!

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