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time frames on May 15, 2016, in Udine, Friuli stadium, Udinese against bogged down in the relegation mire Carl's skin. This is Prince Antonio, Udine J - the last game on behalf of the home team. Prior to this, he has made 438 appearances, 226 goals glorious record. Behind these figures is his deep love for Udine J. />

accompanied by 2015-16 season Yijia league tournament ended, fans also witnessed the Di Natale, the Italian history's most prolific goalscorer of the curtain call. Serie A legendary striker over him in Udinese's brilliant career, in the north of the Bianconeri left a record of numerous, including many records may will always belong to him. The 38 year old veteran has played for Udine J for 12 years, although only 22 times this season, scored a goal, but he is still the number one striker in the history of the team, and occupy sixth place in Serie A History scorer. His historical position will be remembered forever.

Di Natale was born in Naples, early show amazing talent. At the age of 16, he left Naples, Empoli, poaching, where he immediately showed a keen sense of smell goals to become the team the most promising rookie.

he was modest, and his first love Ilenia Betti's in Udine formed a happy family, and where the reputation of reputations. In his career, he has rejected a lot of good faith, including the Turin giants Juventus, led by Lippi Guangzhou Hengda, as well as several major league team in the United states. In his eyes, he love for football and "second home" feelings of Udine, difficult to use money to measure.

teammate Morosini (piermario Morosini) in the race for sudden cardiac death and its sister suffering from disability, deceased parents, unaccompanied. DiNatale took on all the expenses of her life. He was well behaved, professional spirit worthy of an example, in honor of moral moment, not hesitate to put down the personal and team performance. There was once such a game, near the end of, the team behind the score, counter potential is, the goal is to a situation, Antonio Di Natale (see other players were injured) and kick the ball out of bounds. As a result of this move, he received a "fair play Award" from the League of Serie a". In his eyes, the meaning of professional ethics is higher than the outcome of the competition.

all year round in the middle reaches team effectiveness, the Di Natale is not is a good thing, his offensive talents in the years after the to to hep. Empoli after relegation, joining Udine J di natale. He and strike partner Vincenzo Iaquinta Zhulianbige, for himself and the team performance plays a vital role in the first season to play for his new club.

in that season, Di Natale is for the team played 33 times, scored seven goals, helping the team won the 4th in Serie A, and enter the UEFA Champions League 2005-06 season. This is Udinese team debut in Europe's premier competition, also won the opportunity to show his talent at the highest stage of Antonio Di Natale. In this

before Udinese had participated in the European Cup Winners' Cup and Mitt ROPA cup (the Mitropa cup is the, called the central European Cup) competition. Mitt ROPA cup is a attended by national second division champion intercontinental competitions, began in 1927, in 1992 after the closure, its predecessor is Challenger cup (the challenge cup). Challenger cup is considered to be the first real sense of the international football tournament, the first tournament held in Vienna in 1897, after many years of intermittent held many sessions.

to the 2004-05 season, we all know that Dinatalai excels. He is one of the best strikers in the league, and he has a sharp attack. And his pragmatic character and loyalty to the club has long been known, many Udine J fans that he is the greatest striker. After the three season, the team was named the team captain. Under his leadership, the team achieved an unprecedented breakthrough. Ranked the middle position in years of

, often worry about the risk of degradation, have no to Milan, inter or Juve constitute a threat. Although it is the second oldest club in Serie A, Udine J has never challenged the order of the Italian League. However, all this, is a 1 M 7 of the small sub rewrite.

Udinese start in the Champions League in quite a struggle, in C group ranked third, backward in the final champion Barcelona and the second group of Bremen. Udinese two rounds 3-4 defeat to Werder Bremen, had to enter the European Junior League (League Cup), which also with Udinese in the middle reaches of the team locate each other.  


DiNatale's performance in the European war was robbed of the limelight by teammate Iaquinta. Iaquinta got a hat trick against Panathinaikos match pan nasin. After Luciano Spalletti in last season the team achieved the 4th in the league, left the team, not the meritorious coach, Udinese really can't quite to the knockout stage. The style of the bizarre coach Cosmi quickly fired, and he's only 7 months time to coach the team.

whether European achievement how, the Yankees began to throw an olive branch to Antonio Di Natale, but he has not been moved with the other in the hands of the checkbook and aura. It is worth mentioning that Juventus Di Natale interest, the firm sent scouts to continuously observe the little man. The old woman to DiNatale as the 2006 blockbuster signings news spread. However Di Natale not by Juve's invitation, in front of the high salary and bonus, he chose to to fans left Friuli. This is a money difficult to buy the rich. He is happy in Udine, home to the peace of mind in the. />


2008 is the first European Cup International Tournament dinatalai. In Donadoni, led by the Italy team, DiNatale performed well, but in the 1/4 final in the face of the rising momentum of the Spanish team, he missed the penalty, the team lost to the final winner. During that time, Di Natale is a regular in the national team, his speed and shooting skills make people forget after the 2006 World Cup from the national team of Luca Toni.

2010 during the 2006 World Cup, Di Natale put on has the special significance of the number 10 Jersey, bear with the enormous pressure. Unfortunately, Lippi led Italy is in the succession of the new to the old stage, mediocre, the group stage successive and draw with Paraguay and New Zealand, and even upset lost to Slovakia, failed to enter the knockout stage. And DiNatale only scored against the Slovenia team.

2012 in European Cup is his career in the last international competition and over the age of 30 he but still has a lot to say. This time, Udinese star striker, is generally considered to have entered the palace of Europe's top striker Antonio Di Natale, will realize the qualitative leap.

stage with Di Natale only a grain of goal, Italy and eventual winners Spain 1-1 draw. DiNatale in the next five games are starting to play in the final against Spain in the final bench. The Spanish team once again proved himself to be the best team in the world, Italy 4-0 to coach Cesare Prandelli and final cup, a continuation of their dominance in football.

after the European Cup, with regard to age, and tiring of club competition effect, Di Natale announced from the national team retired. Experienced a number of coaches, he eventually surrendered 42 appearances, 11 goals in the national team transcripts. />

in that season, Dinatalai one swept the team 54% goals. It is because of his in 2009-10 and the next few seasons continued high optical performance, and unparalleled vocational spirit and loyalty, President Giampaolo Pozzo suggestion Team Jersey No. 10 in the name of his retired. Few players can enjoy the number 10 jersey retired treatment, Dinatalai will be the head of a serie a in.

Antonio Di Natale is always in the "small temple of the Buddha", but he is not to rely on personal skills and shooting ability of the lone ranger. In his career, he has been with his teammates to seek cooperation, so that the wonderful game more memorable. From Sanchez to Quagliarella, no matter who is his partner, always the older players more brilliant. His ability is beyond doubt, let people can not help but have a question: if he can reach the peak years earlier, the world will be how?

his legend will be be talked about for many years, in the 21st century the greatest star biography, no doubt will have a position to leave the quiet man, about his loyalty to family affection, loyalty to the brotherhood of the team, loyalty in the Apennine blue classic football's story.

and his wife love technology UDI spirit, affectionately called him "the prince". DiNatale is supposed to represent the very opposite of the elite of the elite players, work hard, always with a smile and courtesy. He will live forever in the hearts of people in udine. Maybe he will be in another team to continue to ride, but his heart will always be a piece of black and white friuli.

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