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Furniture philosophy story

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the story

British youth Gavin is a famous furniture designer. One day in 2005, a young man came to Gavin's furniture store, and turned a look of disappointment. Gavin asked what kind of furniture he wanted, customers said he opened an open-air restaurant in his own manor, would like to buy a few sets of natural atmosphere of the chairs, but ran a few days, did not buy. Looking at the customer's back, Gavin into meditation. />

after the inspection, Gavin in the vicinity of the Derbyshire Wirksworth rent has a large tracts of wasteland, bought hundreds of trees suitable molding of willow, oak, hazel and saplings were planted. In order to achieve the desired goal as soon as possible, Gavin tried to control the growth of seedlings with chemical methods. When the leaves become yellow and withered, Gavin realized that "Haste makes waste", so decisively abandoned chemical methods, and then seek other ways to control the growth of seedlings.

is Gavin in day and night thinking the what kind of way to shaping the most effective, Gavin dental committed. The dentist pulled out teeth die, Gavin tailored denture. See the mold of the moment, Gavin realized that this was the way to solve the tree shaping.

soon, Gavin according to the type of the furniture design the 150 armchair plastic model, 100 columnar lampshade and a hexagonal frame plastic model, are respectively arranged in the corresponding tree.

nearby villagers see Gavin strange tree planting is not understood and laughed at him:" this really be able to grow into a chair? Will not make a mistake?" And the villagers thought he was a nut. Gavin ignore other strange eyes, strictly according to the specified time shaping, trees in the sunshine, air, soil nutrient uptake and thrive. In Gavin's harsh demands, a delicate tree chair, from planting to harvest, to last for 4 to 8 years.

10 years later, Gavin" kind of "furniture shape finally, after harvest to be grinding can be sold. The news came out, the order will be a steady stream. At present, Gavin's first products have been pre sale in France and the United states. The chair, the price of 2500 pounds, cover the price of 900 pounds, 450 pound frame. This style= color: "RGB "one piece" of the furniture, one by the advent of demand. (Hu Ping)

unique desire and perseverance, awareness and ability of cross linked with, often determines the boundary and the spatial transformation and innovation.

source: Chinese and foreign management magazine "Article135"

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