Marbury to get a green card to officially become our family

Marbury the family.

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Beijing, officially became Marbury's second home. As an active athlete, to get a Chinese green card, Marbury is also the history of the CBA and even the Chinese sports industry's first person. To get a green card of that a moment, the horse can not conceal his excitement, he said: "the city of Beijing gives my freshman, it in my heart holds a very important position, and I hope to contribute more to the city."


Marbury: This is a real honor

Marbury in their own micro blog released the photo. The picture shows he's got the foreigners in the people's Republic of China permanent residence permit.

I today from the Beijing municipal government received my Chinese green card, very grateful and feel very lucky. This is my real honor in China. I hope that I can not only help the Beijing men's basketball team to win more championships, but also hope to continue to spread positive energy and love.

a green card is to aid

      according to the regulations, won the" Chinese green card ", in the original, can enjoy the same rights with the Chinese people and bear the same obligations. In this than in the past to save a lot of things, and for the horse, in the CBA League, "horse commissar" still is foreign aid, in addition to this may be the most direct and obvious advantages is, henceforth in China in the period of stay is not restricted and can be with a valid passport and the alien's permanent residence permit to enter the territory of China, no need in addition to apply for visa procedures. Also is in front of each season in the Chinese Basketball Association of the foreign aid registration, although the horse or the need to apply for a work visa, but because China "green card", for the time to significantly faster.

; green card is more than a China heart

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