Storm hero Lei Feng Cup race in May and the folk team defeat regret

Storm hero l downgrade Lei Feng clan

tuwanwang· 2016-05-28 01:13:16

< p > "heroes of the storm," Lei Feng cup challenge now in Panda TV completed two seasons of live, may the season championship by EDG won, this season s list has also been released.

storm hero team is undoubtedly one of the places to attract players, the game is to reflect the best stage of the team. Storm hero Lei Feng Cup Challenge has been carried out for two seasons, the May championship was won by the S, the EDG group's list of the season has also been freshly baked. In the relegation match, although the folk team momentum, but the experience is insufficient, regret losing.

in the lifting racing game, because wrapping Valley (BPG) teams has dissolved, this should be with them against the TPX direct access to the qualification for the Group s. In today's game, Fstar, PPP and sunset red old team three branch on the team, on the position of the Group s launched a shock, although each team have come up with the momentum and momentum, but for the Group s professional players, online team still has a not mature in many areas. Ultimately, the promotion places were made by X-team, SPT and a million stars.

despite online team regret lost to the s group of elite, but they challenge the enemy 's courage and station in Lei Feng Cup stage of light without being view forgotten by the public. So far, the May season of the S group has also been released list. They are EDG, PANDATV.ZERO, eStar, TSD, X-team, SPT, million stars, TPX. Lei Feng cup may season we report a paragraph, many heroes of the storm team experienced reorganization, dissolution or is merged, after many changes, there are still many adhere to the dream team in the heroes of the storm to accompany us, let us Lei Feng cup June season again. < p > next week will be held at the Lei Feng cup practices at the end of the season water friendly, with new hero CC fun skills will be in water friendly match debut, please pay attention to the game provided group reports. < p > heroes of the storm is currently MVP.Black thriving, strength of the leading all other teams in the world, by a large margin, to domestic storm game is more and more, the higher the level is getting more and more, for the majority of players to bring the best match.

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