Next week Mobile Games open test 15 new trailer to accompany you to enjoy the martial arts.

Hand travel martial arts 3D Android

mofangwang· 2016-05-28 06:16:15

next week (May 30th ~6 3) open test games 15 new tour, including Android platform 9, iOS platform 1, dual platform open test or shelves 5, the following is the next week Mobile Games open test table:

in the open test next week's game, there are 9 character games, 3 strategy game, 2 casual games and 1 shooting games:

Mobile Games next week boutique recommended: "JX Mobile Games"

recommended reason: classical engraved, domestic martial arts Epic.

2016 of the most anticipated social fashion of music and dance Mobile Games "heart dance group" shocking debut! Friends, many people also meet the voice call partner family dance dance form together; thousands of Fashion Mall constantly updated, and fun with fashion dress your bestie; a variety of patterns, rich library, original karaoke play, let your fingertips carefree dance, give you a real mobile phone audition experience ~

6 1: the "

" Day "by Polly" Ragnarok "RO genuine authority, heart games sincerity produced Mobile Games placed. Game to restore the "fairy tale" classic set, the full automatic combat mode, 24 hours of uninterrupted upgrade, the real work of the game two. Instant instant instant version of unique version of unique ">

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6 3: the song ol "

" in Song Dynasty ol "is the first severe war strategy class mobile games, war strategy, collected form in one, in the history of the Song Dynasty as the background, the innovation of the unique million people siege warfare system and economic interaction system. Game with 200 Song Dynasty historical figures, 11 kinds of occupations, 289 kinds of skills, variety formation configuration, thousands of team matches, Xpress wish! Paibingbuzhen. Participation million people siege warfare, the experience truly epic war!,
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