The game circle of "wolf rabbit theory" of the debate: work 80 hours a week, you happy?


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everyone can when 15 minutes of celebrity, eat spicy mama said.

in the gaming industry, overtime is a commonplace topic. Recently, Microsoft DirectX technology platform co creator, game company WildTangent founder St. John Alex in an article in VentureBeat talked about this topic. He thinks the game development is the need for developers to systemic heart into the process of artistic creation, and therefore should be on average weekly more than 80 hours of work rhythm take for granted, but cannot do a "slave wages, overtime phenomenon to complain.

and recently proposed by Mr. Shi Yuzhu wolf rabbit on "similar, Alex St. John's article in the circle of the European game triggered a huge controversy, Kotaku of overseas media games even think he is one of the" nearly a decade the worst article "a strong candidate. Famous independent game developers rami Ismail (representative of the wonderful fishing ridiculous fishing) in an article, but also to Alex St. John's view of tit for tat retaliation, he will Alex St. John in the original is divided into several paragraphs one by one responded and refuted (text in BOLD). The main content of the article was compiled.

Alex St. John: that day read Dean Takahashi write article (touch music note: theme for the gaming industry long-term overtime phenomenon), I almost laugh heartily. />

Rami: me too. This is 2016, I can not believe that the game industry also has a structural overtime.


Alex St. John

many modern game developers accept victim culture, to choose their own professional attitude is very poor. They complained that the reason for the creation of a great game long time to work to make personal sacrifices, are the consequences of poor management.

you have to structural work overtime really have no goods will destroy a person normal life and enjoy their dream job.


game development is like entrepreneurship, they thought this is a nine to five job. Style= font-size: "14px >


treat the world most people envy is one of the professional, the attitude just like a wage slave.

game development is indeed a let person envy career, but what is "wage slaves"? Don't you think it's too exaggerated?


for more than twenty years I have been working in the company of innovation of science and technology. Later, he founded and management of the company. I think my career is very lucky, I am very grateful for the opportunity to provide the science and technology industry, to know that I was in Alaska, there is no electricity, heating and cable TV in a small log cabin to grow up. To a large extent, I was a self educated, I do not have a high school diploma, but the education of the short board, in the world of high technology seems not so important. I have had the privilege of working with many prominent figures in these years, and some of them, like me, have a lack of formal education. I worked with Microsoft and WindTangent, and I have established a relationship with almost all the world's leading game developers.

game industry accept "unorthodox" background, this is wonderful, I hope more such talent in the industry.


I know so that it would offend a lot of people, but I really hope that when the developers to wake up, to get rid of them on the spiritual shackles. The last time I was in the bathroom or had to look for a dinner, it was 23 years ago, but I was still excited about the interior decoration and the fast food. Now how hard the game developers can have? I really can not imagine, just a few hours pushing a mouse ring, they will be considered to be demanding and hard work.

if you just move the mouse, then I can understand why think our work easily, but the tour play development involves the content is far more than that. Programmers always bear the enormous psychological pressure, solution and optimization of extremely complex code base; modeling and artist need continuous innovation, the use of complex software to create high quality picture -- is not only good-looking, also with animation, shadow effect and good interaction; sound designers are also creative, explore to game arrangement and enhance the sound quality of the new method, designers need to communicate thoughts and creative interaction, get feedback from users... There are a lot of occupation and the creation of a great game is equally important, but there is no any career only requires practitioners to move the mouse on the line. Create a game requires a high degree of specialization, research and meticulous attitude, push the mouse can only move the cursor on the screen, it is the most easy thing.

I hear said many self-made millionaires, there are about hundreds. Usually they're very young. I said is those working in his parents' apartment, do a lot of crap game, but suddenly by a work rich kids. These people for a game to become rich, although they have never participated in any field Party insiders GDC.

this point out to your point of view no matter, but they did was great.


and the children form sharp contrast is, I know a lot of senior developers have long professional experience, ginseng and many AAA console game development, but there will still be working for a long time grumble that the this is their job.

if you want to talk about the game industry structural problems, don't the senior developers than you mentioned who made a successful game, never attend industry conferences, and then exit the game industry of the children have more right to speak?


these developers are more intelligent, more experienced, more talented, also accepted the training about the creation of the game better. But they are still working to get paid, and they are still complaining that they have been working overtime too long, or that they have not been treated fairly. Style=


Rami Ismail

listen to their complaints, you may even mistakenly believe they are trapped in the third world countries, in order to feed their families were forced to dig blood diamonds. Style=

 " I have no way to reconcile these self conflicting experiences. Style=

why self conflict? You refer to a hot game in Florida, a hot game, with a 30 years experience of senior developers to see the game industry's structural defects in conflict? Or do you mean passion and health? If it is both self conflict, then you probably have passion, not health. Passion for games and game development, and there is no conflict between enjoying healthy life.


whenever I hear the complaint, I would tell them, the right to leave the company. To create a great game, to pursue your passion. With the early exit from the game industry in contrast to children, the more you may succeed, but you was a job you hate stuck to, do you think as a game developer, a 40 hour work week is reasonable. Style=

well, I read your unspoken words: you don't have to pay the rent. Just like the kids in the Florida swamp, the process is quite simple. The first step, step by step, the second step, the family moved into their parents' apartment; third steps, making a revenue to reach millions of dollars of the game.


let me feel shocked and disappointed, I have decided to give them free, and they never accept my suggestion. In this case, I really would be angry. Style= font-size: "14px >

this is amazing.


they felt himself to be one of the victims of the employer, which became their deep feeling of collective identity, but the strange is if you encourage them to cheer the passion independent creation of the game, or with friends co founded a the public KickStarter to raise funds as a source of company, they will be very angry.

developer requirements "fair treatment" and "control the overtime", but do you think they want to achieve the aspirations, embarked on an independent development of the road is the only way and had to bear this financial risk.

they "work life balance" rallying shouted.

there is nothing wrong with this, we must argue that end.


they believe that if the management in place, a game can be timely completion of research and development. Style=

this is not wrong.


they say for a long time will loss their creative energy, making it impossible for them to make the best products? Style=

this is simply common sense. If an athlete training for 80 hours a week for hours, he can not play the highest level in the game. Style= font-size: "14px >

you know something, though developers always sat at the desk, but they do things can more.


I and many game developers in the legend, and little-known very early exit industry developers worked. I noticed that in the game industry, developers who can really make great achievements are very different from the developers who have a long resume. They are not the same. Style=


I know every legendary game developers are out of pure passion will create games as a career. If the work in other positions in the technology industry, the vast majority of them to earn more money, more security, "a more balanced life", but they are eager to make a game, always paid for 110% of the effort.

you seem to feel this is the exclusive skills of "Legends of the game developers. But in fact, the game industry, the vast majority of practitioners are like this, we have to enter this industry because of love.

  every great men in the

game industry, will not be enslaved by the wage. Style=

that is because they are mostly CEO or company founder. They open their own wages, when they choose to go home. Style=

 " making the game is not a job, but an art.

professional and artistic incompatible? Passion and care for their own will not reject each other, the creation of art and engage in a career is not mutually exclusive. Mo Nai is a painter, Shakespeare is a writer, Marina Abramovic is a behavior artist, artistic creation is their work.

If a group of people in the development of the game are always complaining about their work too hard, then they are in time according to the point, the completion of the project in the budget range of.

this the reason, the reason is you r & D schedule problems, or budget, it is the entrepreneur not the fault of the employees of the company. Style=

 " not to say that there is no more organized game approach...... But we have to remember that only those who go all out to the developers, it is possible to create a great game.

create great games does require developers to pay the full, but great developers never let their tendons is exhausted. As a matter of fact, first class studios have been able to make even more remarkable games, precisely because they are experienced, able to arrange their time more reasonably, to avoid the development of energy.


if developers mentality with wage slaves, you spend more money, there is no way to let them fully devoted to create a great game. Style=


create great art, artists need to sacrifice, the sacrifice is nothing can compensate. Style=

fine points...... You sometimes that game development is "sit at the desk and move the mouse", temporary and developers for the great artistic sacrifice "? But it is true that the sacrifice of the developers can not be fair compensation, especially when the time is very tight and the budget is too low. Style=

 " > this is an art. Style=

art creation and healthy life are not mutually exclusive. If you want to create a great painting, do not have to cut off his ear.


if you wish to every morning at 5 o'clock in the afternoon to work, get a "fair" treatment, then you have to do a real job, such as the production of software productivity.

If working in a large game company, "production system" is very common in the job description. There's nothing shameful about it. When developers ask for a more reasonable job, it doesn't mean they have a lack of passion for creating games. Instead, they want to have a healthy body and be able to support their long-term development.


if continuous months of weekly work of 80 hours makes you feel "strenuous", that means you still lack of exercise. You need to practice more until you can better adapt to the pace of the work.

can be some developers do not often work overtime, also can create a first-class game. When entrepreneurs take risks, they should pay for their mistakes. If a company is inclined to ask employees to work overtime for a long time, it should be paid overtime. If you are a 3A game company, you need to ensure that employees provide good health insurance and holidays, to ensure their physical and mental health, so that they have the ability to create a great game.

move the mouse to.

long-term operation of the mouse can lead to repetitive strain injury. And I wonder what you are engaged in the occupation, move the mouse all the work? Style=

 " believe me...... Style=

 " > you will find that you will be more and more good at (long time work).

in the gaming industry, you can only through the production of the game, exercise and the accumulation of experience to become more outstanding. And the accumulation of experience, the premise is to ensure that they will not be energy overdraft. You can't create great art in the way that you destroy yourself. You need passion, experience, and a healthy body.


if you can't love a week on average 80 hours of work, don't stay in the game industry. Style=

don't listen to what this guy says. As long as you want to make the game, you can enter the game industry. I don't care if you use two hours of spare time every night to make, (in the game company) 40 hours a week to make a game, or as an entrepreneur, working 80 hours a week. The only prerequisite is that you can not because of their bad timing, overdraft other people's physical health.

touch music. The high quality, valuable and interesting information of the

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