10 years wanted fugitive arrested had committed suicide killed innocent bystanders

Lin Jincheng arrested wanted to commit suicide spades a

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< p > Jin Cheng Lin in Guangzhou police released "Poker wanted order" is listed as "ace of spades", Department of No. 3 wanted criminals. (information) < p < p > < strong > he made shaking robbery, resisting arrest injured police and seize a gun. Due to the weary jumping killed innocent bystanders

< p > he made shaking robbery, resisting arrest injured police fled after 10 years, due to the weary jumping but killed innocent bystanders. He had been classified as class B fugitive spades A Lin Jincheng. Yesterday, Lin Jincheng case in Guangzhou City Intermediate People's Court of first instance verdict court to robbery crime, the crime of intentional injury, snatch firearms and negligence causing death and sentenced to imprisonment for 20 years.

four crimes jailed for 20 years

Lin Jincheng, born in 1960, Guangzhou household registration in Haizhuqu District city. 1974 was sent to juvie for theft, released in 1981. In order to avoid the pursuit of a pseudonym Zhang Jinfu, Luo Guotian, Su Zhibin.

yesterday morning 10 am, wearing dark short sleeved shorts Lin Jincheng was brought to the dock. He is tall and thin, humpback and gray hair in court, it's so hard for people to think of "the two words ruthless. < p > 1997 New Year's day, new year's bell just is knocked noisy, the wee hours of the morning, the victim Han a with friends in the people's road, a restaurant, snack, stopped a taxi, on the back seat. At this point, both sides of the door suddenly two men, each holding a gun to the victim, "put the money out! Take off your watch!"

Han et al a Mongolia, although on the Zhiyu robbery, but can't response. Two robbers impatient, the Han, pull off, forcibly snatched Han a certain value of RMB 11 million yuan of the "Rolex" gold watch, and thousands of dollars of cash and other property of a group and disappeared in the night.

Han a slow over the God, then the report. On January 14, the middle of the night, a Chinese to supper in Liwan District of sand, accidentally discovered is supper, the two men with previous encounter robbers are very similar. After a few confirmed correct, he called the police. Liwan District Public Security Bureau police station immediately organized police force to arrest him.

two gunmen found around the circumstances are different, Duolu and pistol shooting spree. Fierce gun battles between the police and two people, one of the criminals were killed on the spot, another shot and wounded a police officer, took the opportunity to take a gun, and hijacked a motorcycle escape. After the arrest, Lin Jincheng explained, when duoqiang escape, it will be two gun thrown into the Pearl river. < p > court think, Jin Cheng Lin committed robbery, intentional injury crime and snatch firearms occurred in 1979 "criminal law" implemented during according to the principles of the old and lighter, of the crime should be suitable for the 1979 "criminal law" processing. The court also found that Lin Jincheng has voluntarily surrendered the plot. < p > eventually, court to robbery was sentenced to 12 years in prison, the crime of intentional injury and sentenced to imprisonment for five years, snatch firearms sentenced to imprisonment for four years, negligence causing death and sentenced to imprisonment for four years, a total sentence of 25 years, decided to perform 20 years imprisonment.

in addition, when the police were wounded as a criminal prosecution of the plaintiff, the plaintiff claims 39 yuan to Lin Jincheng. Court judgment compensation 20 thousand yuan. < p > < strong > said in court not to appeal

< p > at that time after the incident, the police will be Jin Cheng Lin dubbed "Yangcheng first ruthless" title, and issued an arrest warrant, arrest the province, the extremely dangerous felons. However, Lin Jincheng had arranged to retreat, after the incident fled overseas. Guangzhou police ordered Lin Jincheng submitted to the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of public security as B wanted. In April 2012, Interpol team released "Poker warrant, Jin Cheng Lin listed as No. 3 wanted a spade, second only to the size of the king".

Lin Jincheng appeared again in 2014. December of that year 4, 19 am, is on the fifth floor of Liwan Plaza, South Tower, a man wanders for a long time, finally climbed over a fence to jump...... The jumper is spades A Lin Jincheng. < p > the original in exotic fled fled for many years after, has more than 50 year old Jin Cheng Lin transform the identity hidden back to Guangzhou in Tongde Wai open a small stationery stalls for a living. In his little rented house, almost no personal items, only a little more than a dozen years ago, at the head of the bed photos. Often at night, Lin Jincheng will be in a daze, deep miss her daughter. But he didn't dare to go back to his house in Haizhuqu District. His wife had divorced him, her daughter, after dropping out of high school to help people look at the file. < p > for many years to abscond, Lin Jincheng to bear the psychological pressure is huge, long-term drug in the body has been beat, disease ridden when, nobody care, heart suppressed also dare not to anyone. Stationery stall business is not smooth, the road is uncertain, Lin Lin was to end his life.

is an accident, do express mail business in Liwan square Chen, just after being killed on the spot. Suicide by jumping from the hospital only fracture Lin Jincheng. Lin Jincheng regained consciousness in the hospital, I just blew A spades". < p > for Jin Cheng Lin suicide, killed a passer-by Chen, Chen and his wife and daughter also requires compensation for Lin Jincheng death compensation and 84 million yuan, the court yesterday ruled compensation for funeral expenses 3.2 million yuan.

face judgment, the court said Lin Jincheng had no opinion, not to appeal. In the final stage of the statement, he to be he jumped to his death of Chen's family to apologize: "I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purpose." When he was shot and wounded by the police, Lin Jincheng, Liang Jingdong turned to say "sorry"". He said, I'm sorry, I can not make up for their own crimes.

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