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experience the last year's mobile phone business asset write offs, Microsoft again surgery, this time focused on the functional machine business. Microsoft announced that $350 million will be sold to its functional machine business to Foxconn's subsidiary of Foxconn's mobile (that is, Fu Chi Kang group Co., Ltd.) as well as Global Oy HMD company.

, the transaction will contain Nokia functional machine brand the right to use, function of system software and service, after-sales service network, and related supplies chain agreement and contract, while at the same time Foxconn will also acquire Microsoft mobile factory in Hanoi, Vietnam. The transaction also involves the mobilization of personnel, is expected to have 4500 members of the union to enter the Foxconn mobile or Global Oy HMD. The transaction is expected to be completed in the second half of 2016.

Microsoft acquisition of Nokia's mobile phone business itself is not to be optimistic about the outside world and last year's mobile phone business asset write offs, the equivalent of Microsoft's own admitted in the field of mobile phone failure. Now Microsoft by the Satya Nadella administration, after a number of organizational structure and business restructuring, and then cut off the functional machine business is not surprising. However, "failure" is not the same as "giving up"". In announcing the sale of functional machine business, Microsoft also reiterated the importance of remaining in the hands of Lumia brand and Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft said:

the future will continue to R & D windows 10 mobile devices, and for the lumia brand and other production of windows phone equipment manufacturer to provide support.

in our observation of Microsoft's mobile strategy development at the same time, many foreign media also to the sale function machine business events for the reports, but they also hold different views.

(Nokia N1)

The Verge after the report on the event, the eyes on the two took over functional machine business of the company who. Foxconn's move would not go into details, and HMD global oy from Nokia's stronghold of Finland and Nokia have also sent a served as director of global oy HMD will. In fact, Foxconn mobile and Global Oy HMD has had a precedent for cooperation, N1 Nokia tablet is the crystallization of the two companies.

The verge. After the completion of the transaction, we may soon will see some very good Android hardware equipment in the market, they will be affixed we are very familiar with the brand label, Nokia.

than verge. < span style = "padding-right: 3px; padding-left: 3px; background: rgb (255, 248, 208);" > Forbes for this transaction view more interesting. If the NOKIA brand really re emerged in the field of mobile phone, there must be equipped with Android operating system, Forbes gives four suggestions:

  • refer to HTC and millet product positioning and strategy formation, degree of economies of scale in the supply chain;

  • single product can focus more on the market itself, and Foxconn mobile, NOKIA and three party operators will close cooperation;

  • equipped with Android operating system for mobile phone so much importance, one of the flagship products comes out but, it must have excellent hardware and software optimization design;

  • in the past, some of the classic elements of NOKIA's mobile phone products can be once again to reproduce, wake up people for NOKIA brand memory.

with the two different media," Wired will sell Microsoft functional machine business, NOKIA mobile phone market and return last year NOKIA launched the Nokia N1 tablet link. In Wired seems, Microsoft's sale of functional machine business seems to have given the opportunity to a rebirth of the NOKIA brand, and before the launch of the N1 Nokia has also been tempted to respond to the global market for NOKIA brand.

the Nokia brand has left the public eye for a period of time, Foxconn mobile and HMD global oy perhaps can let people re think about it. In order to consolidate the telecommunication infrastructure business, NOKIA last year to $16 billion 600 million acquisition of Alcatel lucent. But if the Nokia brand cannot successfully returned to the mobile phone market, which for Nokia itself does not seem to much loss and the related to the input can be much less than the acquisition of Alcatel lucent.

finally or to ask you one thing, the Nokia branded Android phone, you will start to consider? />

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