Beer foam machine Fizzics


jikelianmengkeji· 2016-05-28 09:14:59


Fizzics looks like a large coffee machine, open the cover and interior space can accommodate a listen to or a bottle of beer. The lid has a pipe, you need to insert it into the beer bottle, cover the lid can be started to use the. As for the interior, Fizzics has a pressure, sound wave production, for the production of more dense, lasting and uniform foam, so that the taste of beer is more excellent.



Engadget editor said the trial after use, after Fizzics secondary processing of beer, the taste more thick, mellow and smooth, but is not suitable for all beer. As a veteran of the United States beer Yuengling, not being like a cream ale and beer.


must, Fizzics in strengthening the beer foam is indeed hold a decent performance. However, it does not apply to all beer, this may also require manufacturers to further strengthen, or give the recommendations for the beer.

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