STIKBOX portable self timer lever mobile phone shell

Mobile phone shell

jikelianmengkeji· 2016-05-28 09:15:05


for those who love the self timer, the self timer and mobile phone is to go out to play with the same thing, the same can not be less. But long long self timer rod to carry it very inconvenient, a small backpack, then put it all. Stikbox a self timer rod, mobile phone shell, three kinds of things together into one of the gods of the artifact, the biggest selling point is enough portable.

Stikbox looks a thick shell phone, 15mm thick, from the appearance see you don't think it's a self timer lever, but behind with a row of aluminum telescopic rod, without storage in mobile phone shell behind, and when you need the self can conveniently the aluminum rod extending out, become a piece of aluminum self timer lever, the maximum length can be extend to 72mm, full of creative, as mobile phone support frame is used. Style= iphone6/6s.

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STIKBOX portable self timer lever mobile phone shell

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