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Baby summer mother nutrition

taipingyangqinziwang· 2016-05-28 11:15:03

< p > baby for us parents can really is the heart of flesh, that we have let not they hurt a little, but the baby like as we do to the same, always have numerous problems let us worrying, nutrition can not keep up, the disease struck, indigestion, particularly dyspepsia, every day looking at the baby no appetite to eat, abdominal distention, nausea and vomiting, we when mom and dad is worried. So how are we going to do to let the baby's digestive functions are improved.

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1. appropriate to eat some barley and malt

baby easily due to indigestion and lead to diarrhea, usually, the mother can let the baby appropriate to eat some of the barley and malt. This kind of food contains rich vitamin and sugar, all kinds of decomposition enzymes, fat and minerals etc.. And barley of allantoin is very effective to promote the healing of gastrointestinal ulcers oh baby.

2. yogurt can not be less.

believe that you all know that the digestion of yogurt, yogurt, yogurt is rich in lactic acid, can help to digest milk, to prevent the baby constipation. Baby is a long period of time, appropriate to drink yogurt, not only can inhibit the growth of mold in vivo, lactic acid can also prevent the accumulation of toxic bacteria decomposition of protein. And yogurt and mild diarrhea effect, can prevent the baby constipation, help the baby smooth bowel oh. Apple apple

3. many, steamed apple can diarrhea, eating apple can be laxative. When the baby diarrhea, mothers do not have to panic, you can give the baby to eat some steamed Apple or apple puree, which contains tannic acid, organic substances such as a base with a convergence of the role, which contain pectin can absorb toxins, can help solve your baby only of mild diarrhea oh. And apple contains cellulose can stimulate the baby's intestinal peristalsis, help the baby to accelerate defecation.

4. tomato

to the baby's digestive function is good, tomatoes, but good food. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, malic acid, citric acid, formic acid, lycopene, such as material, in addition, tomatoes also contain lycopene, helps the baby's digestion, diuretic, can assist in gastric juice to help digest fat baby oh. < p > usually give the baby cooking when the mothers can give the baby to a tomato scrambled eggs, is worth noting, summer is hot, the mothers to control the duration and taste of eggs in the Oh, otherwise the baby easy to get angry. Digestive function comes with


to the healthy growth of babies, in addition to add adequate nutrition to the baby, digestive function also need to constantly improve, the baby's digestive function will change for the better, the absorption of nutrition will more comprehensive and defecation function will become better. So good to digest food, the mother to let the baby to eat it!

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