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zhongxinwang· 2016-05-28 13:14:38

Eastern time May 26th morning, Harvard University graduation ceremony in 2016, held in the three hundred anniversary theatre, Ho River as one of the three outstanding graduates, the graduation speech. He became the first Chinese student to enjoy the honor.

we first see what Jiang said that in the end what, in six or seven minutes of speech time, won the applause of more than 30000 people live. He was born in

1988, from Hunan, an ordinary peasant family. He said speech from his own experience to start - reading of the junior high school by a poisonous spider bite right hand, because of the lack of medical conditions, mama "soil" for its healing. From this to the spread of scientific knowledge in different regions of the distribution.

"as a PhD in biochemistry from Harvard University, I now know that in my junior high school, there was a better, less painful, and less risky treatment. So I can't help but ask myself, why did I not be able to use these more advanced treatment methods at that time? "He said. This is his heart," I in contact with Harvard University to the knowledge is the most cutting-edge, in this process inevitably think I grew up in the country, where the medical condition is not good, where people's lives can not come into contact with the most advanced knowledge and scientific and technological achievements. "<" by those we already have knowledge of science and technology, can easily help in my hometown, there are tens of thousands of similar village, let the world they live into one of our modern society seems accustomed places, and such a thing, I have every graduates are capable of doing the, or whatever. But the question is, are we willing to make such an effort? "He Jiang throws a question to all the graduates on the spot. < p > speech was a success, but for any river or regret, because as far away as rural parents fear traveled to the cumbersome and trouble to his son, so can not visit the ceremony.

wanted to climb the podium is not easy

spent half of the time to come to the fore

actually from idea to apply for graduation speech to finally really boarded the stage of speech, who was a graduate of Harvard, he Jiang spent almost half a year.

in December last year, he and a professor in the small talk occasionally mentioned this idea, the other side to encourage him to try. He Jiang said that the Harvard commencement address to the Chinese students, is a strange. Very few people apply, not to mention the success of the application, but he would like to let everyone listen to the voice from china.

campaign began a month ago, Ho Jiang identified the theme of the speech, and then is the three rounds of the campaign.

is the first round of auditions, in March 30th this year, he Jiang submitted materials and personal speech to the school. < p > in the second preliminary round, the 12 eligible studies students compete on the same stage, ten different professional professor vote elected four people to enter the semi-finals. < p > a final round is unscripted simulated speech, and eventually he Jiang stand to the podium, and a university graduate and a used Latin speaking graduates.

"I don't know why I was chosen. He Jiang speculation, the unique science perspective and a relatively new topic touched the judges. Previous Harvard commencement speaker selection process, partial liberal arts students more favor of the judges, this year the situation is similar, the final round of the four candidates, two people from the Kennedy School of government, one from the College of education, is also about freedom and democracy, identity recognition equally popular themes. Rural

Xueba so tempered

dad "bedtime stories" is compulsory

the PA school experience is also lets the human sigh with emotion, he Jiang attended the University of science and technology of China is in the official letter tells the story of his story.

ho River from Changsha City, Ningxiang Province, Hunan Province, a common rural. In the economy is relatively backward areas, he parents think highly of children's learning, every night, dad tells the story of "bedtime stories", is a required course for children, and the theme of the required course is "learn". Under the influence of their parents, Jiang firmly remember that the importance of education and continuous learning.

"a person can only understand and recognize their own, in order to go further on the road in the future. "He Jiang, a lot of new things" don't understand, "but precisely because" don't understand ", more prompted him to take the initiative to dabble in different areas of knowledge," each other ". < p > first arrived at Harvard, where the river mouth "China English", to find opportunities to practice oral English, he scalp apply to Harvard undergraduates as instructors. This method let his English expression soon from the "Chinese" go to the pure "American". To read during the doctoral, he Jiang can give Harvard undergraduate students in class. < Harvard after graduation, he Jiang will travel to the Massachusetts Institute of polytechnic institute engaged in postdoctoral research direction of biological engineering, using 2D or 3D printing liver cell technology, simulation of drug screening, disease, and early cancer sensitive detection.

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