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Ultraman series < / strong >, < strong > Kamen Rider series < / strong > and < strong > Super Sentai series < / strong > three famous Japanese tokusatsu series are involved in the script.

Mizushima Shoji: (January 1966 28 -) Japanese animation performance, supervision. Born on January 28, 1966, Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of design after graduation, add the Tokyo animation film (Tokyo Animation Film Co., Ltd.). From the "Dora A dream", "genius" of the young Kumatani Masahiro supervision. As the "Duo A dream" and other works of photography. Since then, sunrise works of performers for the target into the sunrise as production, after quitting had engaged in video game production. In 1998 because served as the generator GAURU "of supervision started to receive much attention," Fullmetal Alchemist "directed in 2003, in the, he of the original manga were greater degree of adaptation, to the ending is different.

Gen urobuchi: is this. Because of this special opportunity to attend the meeting, we two people are very high emotions, we two said, according to the momentum of what can do ah! "And then take advantage of the momentum to say," one up to make "Superman fantasy"! "This is the case.

paradise in the chase put "story to future world as the background, which RIE Kugimiya acting very well

imaginary Mr. Yuan in the first that the plan, on this as a kind of view?

Gen urobuchi: originally from the Mizushima director that is a similar to the "watchmen's super hero story", I am "this is how one thing ah? "Great sense of doubt.

two: ha ha (laughs).

Gen urobuchi: after the actual animation of the animation seen, the story is really surprised. Not only in the animation script under a lot of hard work, it is more important for the audience to understand the ability of trust. Animation often has "this is the premise of the audience to understand the progress of the dialogue. "Such an expansion. This script is very difficult to write up, but because it is an unprecedented challenge, I also feel the passion.

-- the imaginary abyss Mr. only attended the creation of a script, also invited to write the script Tsuji really first the gentleman is responsible for a number of more words, there is a feeling of hope can write better and more, this is how to return a responsibility?

Mizushima Shoji: Mr. Yuan decided to participate in the virtual screenwriting event was at the end of the animation. This time to adjust the script, is almost impossible. But at first Mr. Chuan said, "please write more about the writers who invite you to participate in the play. "It (so late in the animation into the virtual Mr. Yuan script).

will rise: Although the production process of the animation reference to this proposal, but in fact, the number of writers to play free words in the entire animation, the number is still quite small. "In addition to the first and last words, the rest of the number of the writers who can be invited to the creation of freedom. "Such an ideal way, the actual operation is still difficult. After all, this is not the case in the past, can be in the final words to make new enemies on the stage.

"Superman fantasy" in the second quarter, in terms of production is basically in accordance with the end of the story of a story. This is also in order to allow writers to participate in the script to create as much freedom as possible. < p > note: speaking of Mr. Chuan will be mentioned finally let new enemy is taken to the threshing ground, but I think a lot of interesting things, 49 of the TV animation legend giant god Yidian "in 39 it was forced to end. At last words, all animation suddenly flew toward the end of the universe, and then the end of the series. Unknown so the outcome.

Unicron < in the Vietnam War as the theme of the 20 words

- watch the end of the 20 words "endless war", can obviously feel the compared with other creative freedom back a few, more close to the story of the theme and setting.

Gen urobuchi: This is to pave the way for the following development. Details of the setting and the final words of the story and other details have been basically determined. The best in the second half of the story, will all gathered before. Considering this point, character lines, the story unfolds to gradually bedding, so will Mr. Chuan "Superman fantasy 36 years" set and foreshadowing brought to use.

Superman fantasy 36 years, author of "Hui Chuan l < Hui Chuan Sheng: in my opinion, imaginary abyss like Mr. young people for creation is really quite hard? (laughs)!

Gen urobuchi: No, I think, it is found that can be used as treasure feeling (laughs)!

- twentieth, why would choose this kind of people think of the Vietnam War theme?

Gen urobuchi: This is the Sichuan, Mr Mizushima discussed many supervision results from the decision scheme. In the final plan spares, also appeared in a tribute to Bruce Lee and panda elements.

state painting because of budget problems, the original can be described as adaptation is commonplace < for Gen urobuchi "justice" is what?

- one of the themes of "Superman fantasy" is what justice is". Some in the audience thought even hero Erlangs. For ideal also exist over the pursuit of, sometimes even feel his pursuit of ideal some distorted. Mr. justice Yuerlang virtual yuan is how to see it?

Erlangs < p > virtual foredeep Xuan: This is a very pure attitude. Because it is too pure, and the reality of the combination and the yield of the part is (Er Lang) the most troubled places. But "justice" is not something that can be used as a principle. The ideal and the reality of the constant compromise, the final justice will appear. The ideal and the reality can not compromise the people, in the surrounding people look, his belief has been distorted, to the "evil" of the party. This is the thought of the 20 words. In addition, it is also similar to the feeling of (laughter). < p > will Sichuan L: so far, after reading some works of imaginary abyss Mr., feeling like Erlang that after an internal struggle, and ultimately to "evil" side of the hero more it.

Gen urobuchi: yes. Can not handle the reality and the ideal relationship between the role of a lot of it. < p > will Sichuan L: so, describing the words of Yuerlang so the role of inner entanglements, your heart do not feel sorry?

Gen urobuchi: No. To the role of the distorted, has appeared in the supporting role of the. Relative to this, the words appear as a mirror in general, as a breakthrough to the reality and the ideal balance point and long. Describe the mentality of Er Lang, so we will not feel so hard, and the spirit of.

foredeep Xuan pen this kind of pure figures, the number is really too much

in "Showa" as the theme of the animation, imaginary abyss Mr. views on "Showa" how it?

Gen urobuchi: I was born in Showa 47 years (1973), is the "Superman fantasy" in the last paragraph description of the era. There are a lot of places and situations that are worth remembering at that time. But now to think, is a very dangerous era.

- is it dangerous?

Gen urobuchi: in fact, and feel the crisis Erlangs is similar to something. At that time people did not have the idea of globalization, are immersed in the simple idea of the island. Such a crisis and the feelings of nostalgia constitute the era of chaos.

"Superman fantasy" in the landscape, the daily life of the impact of that era. At that time the popular discount appliances, and now home. Small time "MSI small Superman" toy, now has the impression. In this part, there is a sense of the time.

"content_img_p" "cosmic criminal overtime," how do you feel?

Mizushima Shoji: This is the time.

will rise after Sichuan yuan Mr. young virtual age is Showa 50~53 years, it is also a variety of boom era. Because "Star Wars" and set off the SF science fiction craze, "the universe of warships and the number" of the theater version of the animation boom, as well as the Altman boom, etc.. We can say that we have experienced the cultural renaissance with the children at the time. Showa 46 years is also a renaissance upsurge, for imaginary abyss described by Mr. era, we this generation is to experience the burst after burst of Renaissance upsurge.

Gen urobuchi: so, will feel head in a mess. Before watching the "Star Wars" and "days of letters", I really let my mind a mess (laughter).

"outer" letter from 1978 tokusatsu, some "Star Wars" element < diversity is a description of the Superman stories focus

< strong> -- in the past on "why that time will have so many Superman" problem discussed, but also want to listen to everybody's answer!

Mizushima Shoji: ha ha ha!

will rise: the real world about, why that era there will be so many Superman appear, this thing, it is not clear that the. Just answer, "at that time very boom, people have some money, buy a TV is easy. "," with huge super hero than, making copious superhero outfit didn't bother "this argument - - - - - - < / P > < p > Seiji Mizushima / >: there is no dream to speak ah (laughs)!

will rise: other reasons there are a lot of, for example, a good understanding of the children's money is relatively easy to earn. "But the explanation is that it is not exported, of course, this is not for a work. In fact, there are a variety of reasons for the emergence of Superman, just because of the description of the science fiction story, the need for some of the. There is also a wide variety of Superman in the world of "Superman fantasy", which can explain the reason above me (the Superman is a part of the story).

Mizushima Shoji: that makes sense. In order to make a good ending to the story, we make the meaning of the "Superman fantasy", both in the story is very good to make a prompt.

, Showa is indeed Superman a birth of a variety of age, but recently to Superman as the theme of the work is also very much, then how to describe the Superman is the right way?

Gen urobuchi: the "right" way of thinking, is a very bad idea.

Mizushima Shoji: a wide range of views and descriptions of the superman, "please remind me that the only correct solution" is really quite inappropriate. From our candid mood, we advocate more or less draw on some of the factors of some other works, which is also a part of diversity. As a producer, from the hope to accept a clear idea of. "The consideration, we hope all things in the story has a center, and works describing the story, to have a well founded an acceptable outcome in the works. We are holding this attitude, the creation of.

- once again to talk about twentieth things to watch it!

Seiji Mizushima: in view of the premise of imaginary abyss of the works of Mr., I before and in paradise in the chase put "cooperation of imaginary abyss Mr., together in the" making Superman fantasy "the 20 words, for" Superman fantasy world outlook of is very good and zealous imaginary abyss Mr. to completed the creation of the script. After the completion of the script, we use Japanese style film production, hope to convey the charm of the works. This is full of aspect of a word, please look forward to. The idea of < Chuan Sheng: we and animation in Erlang, while burdened with how to show animation in the connotation of the burden, while thinking about "directly by his hand the script can?" such hesitation, and even some "dictator". Occurs at this time is imaginary abyss Mr., refreshing our cooperation, Erlang and 20 words appear in a supporting role, the formation of mirror - like comparison, Erlang as 20 words upright hero is a hero of the gas field.

: finally, please talk to Mr. Yuan in this virtual script making thoughts.

Gen urobuchi: a never experienced the way of planning, can such a challenge and aspirations of the works is in is a great honor for me to take part in the. And be able to participate in the experience of pure joy. I think this is no one with no predecessors after animation.

Mizushima Shoji: I hope can continue to do the sequel ah (laughs)! < finally on the sense of interest in friends can also be see < strong > headless calf of < / strong > "Superman fantasy Video Parsing, Superman fantasy and Showa era. Link ~

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