The closing of the Cannes Chinese power breakdown stunning world sixty-ninth Cannes Film Festival.

Cannes Film Festival China Power

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5 April 22, the 69th Cannes Film Festival closing. 80 year old British filmmaker Ken Loach, on the basis of the "I am black, and then pick the Palme d'Or; 27 Dolan's" just at the end of the world "won the grand jury prize; Iran" salesman "won the best actor and best screenplay, actress upset by the Philippine movie starring Jose. After hot "Toni odman -" "she" and other uncollected particles.

Palme d'Or: "I am Black" Ken Lodge (UK)

awards jury: "just at the end of the world" - Xavier Dolan (Canada)

Award for Best Director: Christian Mungiu Ukraine "graduation examination" (Romania); Olivier Assayas - "personal shopper" (France)

best actor: Hosseini Shahabu "salesman" (Iran)

Best Actress: Jia Kelin - Joss Rosa "mother"

Jury Prize: "America's sweetheart" Andrea Arnold (UK)

Honor: palm Jean Pierre leaud (France)

Timecode ": palm short time code" (Spain)

video "dancing with the devil girl" (Brazil)

"golden camera Award: the sisters" (Morocco / France / Qatar)

at this year's Cannes Film Festival, 24 years and no Chinese language film" finalists zero "phenomenon of reproduction. Some people think that the situation has been very serious, the Chinese film has completely been kidnapped by the business. Some people think that this is just a small encounter coincidence situation will change next year. There are people that do not matter, the Chinese film's confidence should be shot by the Chinese audience to welcome the film, there is no need to please the film festival.

really dead tired baby! The following

5 11

sixty-ninth Cannes Film Festival opening ceremony at the opening red carpet from all over the world women Chinese contests, women's team of Gong Li and Li Bingbing, also not resigned to playing second fiddle, Liu Yifei and Ni Ni were also invited to come to Cannes, stunning appearance.

5 12

new actors Huang Jingyu and Su mang debut Cannes red carpet, and was invited to watch this year's Cannes Film Festival hit film the money monster".

movie" Daomu "Cannes conference, officially opened. By Shanghai Film (Group) Co., Ltd., music, pictures, southern pan Entertainment Co produced, directed by Li Rengang, fantasy author of the original Southern uncle Pro screenwriter Chinese expedition blockbuster movie" Daomu "exposure Cannes exclusive concept sea newspaper + Cannes Trailer.

5 13

Li Yuchun at nice airport. Li Yuchun arrived in security surrounded, no language straight out of the airport pick-up vehicle officially boarded the whole. Not until after sitting on the bus, to follow the road from the arrival of the fans to wave.

the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival of China night as scheduled in Cannes at the Majestic Hotel Beach held. Actor Jiang Zhenyu, Huang Lu, Dong Weijia, Junjie Mao, Wang Zhi attended join.

5 14

Li Yuchun attended the sixty-ninth session of the Cannes Film Festival in France. The debut film" dream giant "red carpet premiere. Head new silver gray hair, Li wearing haute couture series black dress, the collocation with a total of up to 17 million yuan of jewelry accessories, noble and shine like a graceful smart "black swan". Jing Boran dressed in France a brand special custom series dress appearance, a tailored elegant black dress paired with a white shirt, elegant and humble, stylish full. Wang Zizi dressed in a black scale environmental material dress debut.

country Film "crime fiction in Cannes held a press conference, on-site, director Guo Tingbo, producer ma ke carrying starring Wang Zhi, Liu Xiangjing debut.


5 15

after the black swan dress style, Li Yuchun to Debut Movie" stone of pain, "Cannes red carpet. The style and different, black hair, as if out of the two dimension comics in general children.

epic movie "ultimate victory" in Cannes, France held a news conference. The director Qiran Xian to join the two starring Dou Xiao, Joseph Ferns debut campaign. Liu Haoran and Nana Ouyang also unexpectedly appeared, to this, Nana Ouyang said, we are to support Dou Xiao's brother's."

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Li wearing Gucci2016 winter white suit attend cloud group held at the Cannes Film Festival "women in Motion" dinner. The

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5 16

5 June 16, due to popular drama" the pretender "" Langya Bang "" Ode to joy "and a sharp rise in the popularity of mintao Liu debut Cannes Film Festival red carpet.

5 17

sixty-ninth Cannes Film Festival:" Hu Li Ye tower "(Julieta) held its premiere. Xue Chen, Michelle Yeoh debut. & nbsp; supermodular

Ju as a Xiaowen body lace installed unveiled the 69th Cannes International Film Festival, "loving" the red carpet premiere, meatball head dark girl to conceal the cute funny character.

5 18
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