"Any attachment" Suzy storm call "dear Jin Yubin coquetry"


xingmingwanghanyusudi· 2016-05-28 21:23:46

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, show the protagonist Jin Yubin and Suzy during the students face, and before the edition notice has morphed into a superstar and documentary PD between sparks completely different atmosphere.

Video Suzy also show that the infinite act in pettish charm, & quot; our dear lessons are over? & quot; lines with the cute act in pettish attitude immediately attract many eyes. And Jin Yubin & quot; and I contact it & quot;, and & quot; I want to our dear to the eye is bad & quot; cloying lines, so that the audience for the show is full of expectations.

also. "Any attachment" also take 100% advance shot making way, and will be on July 6, first broadcast.

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