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After 80 entrepreneurs

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Beidou navigation industry has stood the next outlet on

today, more than fourth years the temperature of satellite navigation has not been cleared, the good news is the spread of fermentation. You are aware of it or not, Beidou navigation industry has been standing on a top outlet?

however, entrepreneurs have smell business opportunities have vied for the Beidou navigation market. In the industrial chain of Beidou navigation application, including the upper reaches of the chip, antenna, boards, simulation source vendors, middle of handheld type, communication type, timing, and command type terminal manufacturers, downstream of the system integration and operation service providers. Generally speaking, the upper reaches of the industry needs a strong R & D strength, there are military background of enterprises tend to take the initiative, but there are exceptions.

two 80 girls business

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; style= border-box; >2007, two 80 girls - Wang Beibei graduated from Northwestern University majoring in computer and communication engineering Xi'an Electronic and Science University Liu Xiaoya, resigned from the stable and well paid job, in the southern suburbs of Xi'an city village for a few dozen square meters of houses, rely on second-hand from city Six computer game to the Amoy started, founded the company embarked on the Beidou Novi, Beidou navigation road of entrepreneurship.
as familiar with the Beidou navigation applications in the field of technology, two people in the PLA will in Beijing held compass a single two-way timing user machine tender, and in the 3 months of research and development of the prototype, in one fell swoop. After years of development, the company has completed the application of Beidou / GPS high precision time synchronization system of smart grid research, Beidou No.2 navigation receiver research, Beidou 2nd army code direct acquisition of multiple projects of technological innovation, business from military to civilian use, open the broader market.
this year on May 11, Shaanxi Novi compass information technology Co., Ltd. officially listed on the new board. It is reported that in 2015 1 to September operating income is 8 million 58 thousand and 700 yuan, net profit is 1 million 863 thousand and 700 yuan; 2014 operating income is 11 million 78 thousand and 200 yuan, net profit is 584 thousand and 200 yuan, the results are very gratifying.

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> border-box;" because of the Beidou navigation system in the global scope of all-weather, all day long time for all kinds of users with high accuracy, high speed, reliable positioning and timing services. Therefore, the basic idea of the application of the Beidou navigation is still around the positioning of the various services.

and somewhat different is, entrepreneurial companies is mostly about the navigation and positioning, short message and related operational services, in the middle and lower reaches of the fuss. As one of the most important application fields of satellite navigation and positioning system, smart phone has a very broad application prospects. "Beidou + era gave birth to new economic form, provides a broad development space for the majority of entrepreneurs, the Beidou navigation system and wearable devices, intelligent manufacturing and other all kinds of intelligent hardware integration is the trend of the times, for the Beidou industry provides good opportunity for development.
so, focusing on elderly care for children, the wisdom of tourism, the wisdom of the pipe network, precision agriculture, medical wisdom of start-up companies emerge in endlessly, the market also emerge out a large number of such as compass box, Beidou cattle, e warm home pension wisdom, "baby in where, compass space-time scale and location monitoring related products.

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and short message communication as it has been widely used in Beidou navigation system's unique ability. It is reported that, at present all kinds of short message communication technology based on the Beidou communications technology platform for nearly a hundred, most platforms to industry solutions, involving emergency communications, location monitoring, data transmission and so on. Including fishing vessel position monitoring, wildlife tracking, outdoor, marine emergency rescue, meteorological monitoring, power meter reading, hydrological monitoring, armed police frontier, forest patrol, oil field data monitoring and so on. Among them, to professional engaged in research and development and production of mobile satellite communications products Beijing star network satellite, active users of the number of broken million of the Big Dipper sea chat as the representative of the manufacturers have achieved rapid development.
in the short message communication applications, manufacturers use Beidou short message can be in the blind is no mobile phone signal to achieve the characteristics of satellite communication and low communication cost, through the customization of the terminal products and service system, the formation of a variety of solutions, short message technology real binding to specific application scenarios, and solve practical application point problem of pain. But it should be noted that the short message service terminal product price is not cheap, to a certain extent, affected the market penetration rate.

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for the Big Dipper in the field of start-up companies, favorable policies successively promulgated.

"according to the national The Belt and Road" strategic planning, the relevant departments of the state is steadily advancing the Beidou system to go out, and the global satellite navigation system, relevant international organizations, especially the "The Belt and Road along national and area, conduct extensive international cooperation, actively promote international obligations, the Beidou system services in the world for the benefit of mankind.
at present, China is making the regulations on satellite navigation, and has been included in the State Council 2016 legislative work plan ". This will become China's first satellite navigation system in the field of administrative regulations to protect the Beidou system to provide reliable services, improve the management level of the legal system of the Beidou system.
the national development and Reform Commission is and the Ministry of Finance organized and implemented 2014-2016 Beidou navigation industry major application demonstration hair exhibition special pointed out that 2016 compass application terminal total more than 30 million sets, realize the breakthrough from the order of millions to the order of tens of millions.
in addition, at the annual meeting of the satellite navigation heard such news, national integrated circuit industry investment fund to compass investment industry, and hope that through the capital support, promote investment in research and development of autonomous technology, promote the steady development of the industry.

entrepreneurs will face......

; today, China has the formation of products, including basic application terminal, run the service more complete Beidou industrial system, expanding from the industry application to mass applications, showing the rapid development of the situation, in the field of entrepreneurship around the Beidou also showed gratifying trend.
however, there are experts pointed out that the insufficient accumulation of high accuracy and navigation chip and its algorithm, harsh environment performance is inferior to the international level of similar products; compass chip companies more, repeated research and development and construction of more, talent competition and vicious price war began to appear; chip technology and resources more and more global distribution rule, only in domestic development is unable to form the international competitiveness, the three major bottleneck restricts Beidou industry development.

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