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Campus classroom middle school unmanned aerial vehicle

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in the traditional impression of people, the industrial grade UAV is a complex and professional product. No matter from the application of the industry, and then to the technical difficulty, or the operation of professional, it seems that the existence of such groups with high school students no half of the intersection. Style=

in fact, this is the first by the government leading, in cooperation with the enterprise for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) into the middle school campus activities. Chengdu mountain so the sustainable development of mountain disaster and environment of mountains and mountain as the main research field, is committed to to enhance China's defense of mountainous disasters, security ecological security in mountainous areas and promoting economic and social development "to provide a scientific basis and technical support. And Pegasus company is Lenovo executive in 2015, set up the establishment of an industrial grade UAV companies, enterprises are mainly the Ergonomics application in mapping, emergency relief, mine monitoring, power line patrol, the water conservation census, land survey, agriculture, forestry, plant protection and many other fields.

the drones into classroom activities to human-computer technology explanation and practical demonstration flight two blocks. In the outdoor open space environment, technicians from the Pegasus company to Pegasus F1000, for example, students carefully for explained fixed wing UAV airframe material, structure, principles of flight, landing approach, such as the basic concept. After explaining the completion of the technical staff on the scene for the students to demonstrate how to throw off the UAV, and UAV flight operations in the air related principles. Similarly, the work of data processing after the completion of UAV operations, but also an important part of this popular science teaching. Pegasus and technical personnel at the scene through the housekeeping software of UAV (unmanned air vehicle), direct flight images captured by the operation by splicing, to more intuitive let students understand the UAV aerial photography image processing effect. Through image, can make students clear understanding of industrial grade UAV can do for the industry, aerial image difference to the image ground advantage in where.

science teaching is completed, the Pegasus company also bold let students try to assemble and test the Pegasus F1000. Under the guidance of technical staff, the assembly process for students with strong ability to do, and not spend too much time. In the hand to throw off when the first contact of the UAV students still tense jerky.

for the non computer into the campus activities, seven in Jiaxiang, Chengdu Foreign Languages School students said benefit bandit is shallow. Compared to the television, books to understand the UAV, this popular science and demonstration, and even hands-on operation so that they can interact with the UAV zero distance.

in addition, Chengdu mountain which also said, the activities of middle school students have educational meaning can be difference in books, let the students more real understanding of Geology and geomorphology of mountain, the mountain environment, establish disaster disaster prevention consciousness and the concept of environmental protection. Style= text-align:center "

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