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difficulty: ultra low cost:
most intelligent mobile phone equipped with In-Ear Earphones, however, usually we can rarely really play it , because music enthusiasts on the headset will usually be higher, rather than music enthusiasts users don't like to wear headphones to listen to music. However, the headset is still valuable, it can even be used to control the camera's shutter, for example, to expose the B door exposure, allowing the camera to control more easily. In addition, Apple has modified the iOS system, and now press the volume button on the headset line "+" will trigger the iPad or iPhone camera. NOKIA and Microsoft's Phone Windows phone also has a similar function. And for Android mobile phone, it depends on different manufacturers and different product series of different design.
: difficulty; cost: about 300 yuan
a good sound system usually have high-quality speakers and powerful amplifiers, even after many years later, enable use can still have very good sound quality. However, the latest model features will be much stronger, however, we can also add new features to the old system through other ways. For example, we can install a Bluetooth adapter, so that the sound system can support Bluetooth, so that music is more convenient to transfer. At present, market related equipment prices about in 300 yuan or so, these tiny devices with their own power, suitable for any stereo system, will be equipped with a 3.5mm jack or audio line connected to a sound system, then in the Bluetooth menu (mobile phones, tablet computers, computer) player of the match, you can start the wireless transmission of music. And a more advanced adapter, such as the PHILPS AEA2700/12 (about 750 yuan), which can be connected via a plug and digital interface (fiber or coaxial), while also supporting the NFC function and other interfaces.
difficulty: Cost: about $300;

difficulty: Cost: about $210;

home still have an old phonograph and some long dusty old records? If not ready to digital, also do not want to throw away, you can consider that they bring the dead back to life, to do this, we need to consider is how to convert the phono signal available line level signals, and can use the audio cable connected to a sound system of external phonograph amplifier, such as PA HAMA 506 (about 330 yuan) is a good choice.
difficulty: Cost: about $80;
macro lenses can the tiny taken things very clearly, to take a very shocking effect, but even if we're not with a macro lens, with a few techniques, we also can enlarge close-up shooting out of. What we need is a with called retro ring torsion adapter or SLR cameras, through the adapter or torsion ring an old camera connected to the camera mount, in this mode, the shorter focal length, reverse position rate more. Therefore, also can take a macro lens effect, but we have to manually focus. If you want to use auto focus function, then you will need to install an additional electronic intermediate ring set (as shown in figure, about 589 yuan).
difficulty: Cost: about $160;
even if is faithful a photographer for a brand equipment, also change one day, for example in Nikon and Canon transformation. So, how can we not waste the original purchase of a large number of professional lens it? Accessories shop is specialized to solve this problem adapter, through which they can continue to use the original lens, such as allowing use Nikon lens adapter in the canon EF mount. This is a good solution for users with a large number of expensive lenses.
, at home to do a 3D camera
difficulty: big; cost: about $368

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