Who knows? Magic bird can wake up the magic of Manchester United?

Manchester United

wuxingtiyu· 2016-05-28 23:33:27

the dust has settled, Manchester United's official officially announced that Jose Mourinho at Old Trafford. The next three years, "magic bird" can awaken the "Red Devils" who lost an style = "line-height: 1.6;" > go to already a long time of magic, become fans, the media and the team the most matter of concern.
Mourinho to join, as in the performance of a late three years. As early as 2013, when Ferguson retired to choose his successor, Mourinho style= 1.6; "box-sizing: border-box;" >
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appreciate Mourinho's coaching career

disease dark years. Before the round of 16 only the 16 bit performance, let him once again have to take to the Stamford Bridge after class. And this three years, the United calendar long "dormant", whether Moyes or van Gaal are not the veteran team again with the top of the Premier League and European.
more let the fans and the team can not accept, Manchester United in the Ferguson era that magic, but also because of the long period of record increasingly decadent disappeared.
in the opinion of many fans, the combination of Mourinho and Manchester United, quite the meaning of" perfect couple ". As Europe's oldest and most legendary ball style= line-height: " element, let Manchester United "full magic", and has a huge number of fans in the world. 1999 "Treble" and 2008 Mo Moscow rainy night, so far still let many people take delight in talking about.
and Mourinho himself also legendary, he from FC Porto fortune, record the Portuguese, English Premier League, Serie A and La Liga < span style =" line-height: 1.6; "> are summit Albert. Self confidence and publicity simultaneously personality, not only to make him full of personal charm, but also caused a lot of criticism. For example, he claimed to "God first I second", "the special one", for their own win the nicknamed a "madman".
United chose betting on Mourinho, Mourinho face the challenge is very serious. Manchester United's current situation, called the huge rotten share style= line-height: " team that Bi look askance at all, decided to take three points domineering already with repeatedly defeated disappeared. And Manchester United's current lineup is hardly the giants of the potential, only can be called star is probably the only goalkeeper David de GEA the.
Manchester United's official value of, I am afraid that above the Jose Mourinho's proud. With the help of this disdain for the world's domineering, and quite effective spirit encourages < span style = "line-height: 1.6;" > excitation, Mourinho can let men players effectively boost the confidence. From Mourinho with several teams, are full of fighting capacity and tenacity, as he will be Chelsea to create "hemosiderosis Blues", international Milan to build a summit of European International. He also with Ibrahim and other more than the ball member formed a very good personal relationship. In fact, in addition to the level of technology and awareness, the current lack of this is precisely the sense of confidence and fighting.
with to myself and the team in football influence, and Manchester United can provide a huge transfer of funds, this three years time Mourinho can span style =" line-height: 1.6; "> in the transfer market has some as big. Of course, Mourinho is also very obvious shortcomings, he and Sir Alex Ferguson, van Gaal as are extremely solid hold and confident people, due to excessive self are often difficult to deal with the locker room, Real Madrid late is obvious teachings.

left Mourinho still has a lot of, how to deal with the original coach group, avoid to buy the wrong people, coordinate to buy players and youth staff relation < span style = "line-height: 1.6;" >, dealing with the media etc., will be whether he can lead Manchester United out of the quagmire, to "X" ZTE factor.

took over Manchester United and
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