Two men playing clown bloody night to scare passers-by

Clown passers-by man net friend

dazhongwang· 2016-05-29 08:01:26

men play "clown" pretend "stab" man in the corner, passing people screaming scared off by

another "ambush". The clown to "knife" chase away the public

police notice night in Wanda near the "clown" for deft users, some people are made into a video spoof on the release of

public network Jining on May 28th news 28 morning, living in the apartment Wanda people call the Jining public network hotline (0537-2372789) reflect. Recently the night, two men posing as a clown to scare the bloody violence in the spoof elevator and the parking lot near the passers-by. The people said the clown scary news has spread in the circle of friends, trouble of panic, the night did not dare to go out alone, has affected the daily life of the surrounding residents, hope that the spoof "clown" to stop this kind of behavior. Jining Central District Public Security day before the release of the police notice that, as of now, the police did not receive the relevant information or police intelligence briefing. After verification, the Department of Internet "kuso video clown x my ETUDE" to improve CTR and self design, performance.

according to the public broke the news, the two clown has in the Wanda Plaza parking lot and Wanda apartment elevator to the simulation of the killing of a practical joke, the scene is very bloody. The public said, these two men in order to attract fans to do a parody, there is another person responsible for the shooting.

28 afternoon, reporters in the WeChat circle of friends also found the two men play the clown cry at night by information. Subsequently, the reporter logged a app and according to friends broke the news of the ID number search to the "clown" called "spoof clown & times;" home page, the user currently has 1.5 million fans, 45 people are concerned, a total of 26 deft works instant long about for a few minutes of video, the most in a spoof based. < p > reporter on the homepage of the two men see that these video released multi to "clown elevator kill", "clown threw the child", "Insane Clown", "office building horror spoof" label, which also lack "popular" label. < the release of the video, two men play clown in the Wanda parking, elevator apartment waiting. When people passed. They picked up in the hands of a knife to well placed "person" Meng stabbed, on a nearby wall and blood, passers-by mistook ugly small really in front to kill people, saw this scene after frighten exclaim to escape, some people even scared to cry. In the video, the people did not have to be frightened to the public to explain or apologize. And the public's reaction was on the spot by the clown team filmed in the video of the video, released on a app. Reporters found that each segment of the video received mixed reviews, but the recent days frequently released near Wanda kuso video, more and more users against the behavior, many net friend message said "if scared heart patients or pregnant women how to do? ". < p > many netizens to "clown" bloody violence prank feel disgusted, protest < reporter discovery is put forward. These horror spoof released the video for the first 16 days of release, the principal place of spoof concentrated in Wanda apartment, office building and underground parking field. Reporters in a video of the video to see, clown late at night in a layer of Wanda B public toilet appears, a citizen of the sudden emergence of the clown was shocked, quickly shut the bathroom door. The public across the door and the clown dialogue, please do not like this (intimidation), and then to the police. During the dialogue, "clown" only a laugh did not answer at the end of the video, the public call 110 and alarm. < p > for the maintenance of social order, purify network environment, Jining City police have increased network and street patrol police, to ensure the safety of life and property of the masses of the people. At the same time, police of rumour, spread false spoof video cause social panic will in accordance with the law accountability. Citizens in the event of a similar shock passers-by, can promptly call 110 police, the public security organs will be dealt with according to law.

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