After the eastern Army Deputy Commander of military reform was the door later

Commander door theater army

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Obama reference reporter noted that, so far, the eastern Army Deputy Commander of military reform after all after the door. Guanhai reference reporter statistics, up to now, there have been at least four generals from the door and their parents participated in the liberation war, the illustrious military exploits.

Fu Yong

Fu Quanyou son assumed the eastern theater Army Deputy Commander of the

Fu Yong major general was born in 1954, Shanxi Guo county (now in Yuanping City), son of the Department of Fu Quanyou, a former deputy chief of staff of the Nanjing Military Area Command of Chinese PLA, long. Daily news reporter noted in the Fujian Daily reported in February 5th, Fu Yong has served as the eastern theater Army leaders attended the forum. < p > resume publicly display, Fu Yong ever held the post of Nanjing Military Area Command of the first army group a motorized infantry brigade brigade commander, deputy chief of staff of the Army long; 2010 April Ren, 1st group army vice captains of the army; 2011 attachment to the East China Sea fleet of the Navy Deputy chief of staff of the long and was promoted to the rank of major general, thus becoming Deputy Corps generals; 2014 was promoted to deputy chief of staff of the Nanjing Military Area Command of Chinese PLA, long, among the Corps commanders sequence.

2014 in September 18, and political commissar of the Nanjing Military Region et met with Ecuadorian defense minister Maria · Patricia Espinosa, a line. When he was deputy chief of staff of the Nanjing military region Fu Yong to attend the meeting. < p >, it's worth mentioning is that the father of Fu Yong is the people's Liberation Army chief of the general staff before Fu Quanyou, he was after the liberation war, the Korean War, 1985 in self-defense against Vietnam War as a deputy commander of the frontier. After the war, Fu Quanyou served as the Chengdu Military Region commander, Lanzhou Military Region commander, chief of the general staff of the long position, 1988 was awarded the rank of lieutenant. In 1993, promoted to the rank of admiral.

to, Qin day

Qin Jiwei play brothers

at the end of January, the eastern theater army set up the General Assembly held in Fuzhou, in five war army, first in the eastern theater army sequences, and Eastern theater army our make member is a former deputy commander of the Nanjing Military Region to. His father is a founding lieutenant general Qin Jiwei. < p > according to public information, 2002, to be awarded a master's degree in military, National Defense University, this is our army combat troops in the first was awarded the military science master's degree of military commanders. The National Defense University from 1997 began in the army combat troops regimental commander in strokes are studying for a master's degree graduate students. So far there have been three batches of more than 100 people achieved a master's degree in military, and to is the best position. < p > Guanhai reference reporter learned that, to study the professional direction is the foreign military strategy, in 4 years time. While he was working, while the use of spare time studying in foreign countries, the development of modern science and technology history more than 10 courses system, and successfully passed the National Graduate unified foreign language exam. < / P > < p > to / > father is founding lieutenant general Qin Jiwei, Qin Jiwei had successively served as a member of the Central Military Commission, State Councilor and Department of defense minister, Thirteenth Central Committee member of the Political Bureau, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the Eighth National People's Congress long. In addition, Qin Jiwei has participated in the Linze West army breakout, hundred regiments, a battle of the battle of triangle hill. 1984, the 35 anniversary of the national day, Qin Jiwei served as commander in chief of the grand parade. 1988 as members of the Central Military Commission, State Councilor and Minister of defense, awarded the rank of general.

it is worth mentioning that the Qin family is not only a father and son, as there are brothers. This year, our brother Qin as the armed forces chief of staff. In August 2015, Qin Tian served as vice president of Academy of military science. < p > Tian Qin once said that he joined the army to combat troops. On the one hand is his own choice, on the other hand is Qin Jiwei requirements, "the older generation is almost always required, you must start from the warrior, or you become a soldier stem what? If you are interested in this line, then I will tell you the way from the start, the company as a soldier".

especially Haitao

Youtaizhong good exercise arms forces combat capability

according to the official website of Beijing Shijingshan District, February 2, Shijingshan district leaders and army leadership head of the forum. In army political commissar Liu Lei, deputy commander Peng Bo, you Haitao, Zhou Song and deputy political commissar of the Xiao Shi, military representatives of the forum. From the above information can be seen, the Nanjing military region deputy commander lieutenant general You Haitao has served as deputy commander of the army. You Haitao's father is the former commander of the Guangzhou military region you taizhong. < according to public resume you Haitao in July 2004 promotion to the rank of major general, served as Bu Bingdi 163 division, the 42nd Group Army Deputy army commander, commander, the original Nanjing Military Region deputy commander. July 2014 promoted to the rank of lieutenant. < p > to training you Haitao with their own independent thinking and after in the acceptance of the people's Liberation Army life "an interview had said, based on information system integration test, in tactical operations assessment, relying on integrated command platform provide drill conditions, taken in different places simultaneously multi professional courses and more multi site joint assessment, only test the command authority of the information system. The integrated application of, and test the multiple services department (points) team operational capability of synchronous release.

You Haitao's father is a former Chengdu military region, Guangzhou military region commander you taizhong. Will have you Taizhong during the Anti Japanese war was in the hundred regiments. During the war of liberation, Youtaizhong with the Liu Deng army marched into the Dabie Mountains, and the rate of the participated in the battle of Xiangfan, Huaihai, crossing the river and advance to the southwest and other, after 1949, to participate in the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea, he served as volunteer teachers, was in the fifth campaign, Jincheng defensive warfare, Shangganling battle, 1955 was awarded the rank of major general. < p > the late seventies of the last century, Youtaizhong served as the Chengdu Military Region commander, Guangzhou Military Region commander, the Central Military Commission Second Secretary of the, 1988 was awarded the rank of general.

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