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< p class = "P" style = "color RGB (51, 51, 51); font family: Tahoma, Arial, Verdana, Arial; font size: 14px; line-height: 25px; white-space: normal; text 18pt," badminton > grip take exercises step < / strong > is the beginner to remember to practice good badminton racket grip skills, we must first of badminton has strong interest is indispensable. The following Xiaobian for everyone to talk about badminton grip take practice steps:

grip take practice steps 1, for beginners to, not greed and save time looking for a shortcut.

grip take practice steps 2. Through the study of the coach as a demonstration of the technique, watching video to imitation training

grip take practice steps 3, holding badminton racket hand familiar with the racket handle and can freely rotate handle of racket after. In accordance with the correct action, adjust and complete the forehand or backhand grip movements, then to practice repeatedly.

grip take practice steps 4 and experience grip racket tightness, grip too tight, nor can hold shoot loose. In their own familiar with the feeling of a moderate grip to shoot the elastic.

grip take practice steps 5, repeated training, by the handle and can complete the correct grip.

grip take practice steps 6, learn forehand grip and shoot the backhand grip flexible conversions between pat. From the forehand grip take the lift to the right shoulder, to grasp backhand take a lift in the left shoulder, in front of their own countries figure "8", the experience of thumb and index finger the racket handle twist after finger and badminton racket pat handle contact parts of different requirements and changes.

grip take practice steps 7, in association with the wrist and finger force at the same time, the key to learn forearm supination strength method.

grip take practice steps 8, learn the correct forehand to force method, using different angle and the direction of the ball. The hand holding the racket can freely convert forehand grip and backhand grip.

above is Xiaobian consolidation of badminton racket grip take exercises step by step, I believe everyone if in accordance with the procedures to exercise, persevere, I believe you will also become a badminton player.

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