House transfer to their children which way the most cost-effective?

House save money children way

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now, a house worth several million dollars, if you are prepared to buy a house for their children, but the children inherit property to pay a large estate tax, will not feel good?

asked us a question

if the house is left to their children, then

, you will choose what way? < p > some time ago and we've talked about < parents died, house is not a is the only child of < p > then the problem is very serious

same < < strong > through inheritance, bequest < / strong > < property can be exempt from personal income tax and business tax

only need payment notary fees and fee

a 300 million housing < children inherited the need to pay the cost of 7 million < p > well, this way is suitable than gift? < / P > < p > < br we then look at the last

sell the property to their children need to pay how much does it cost? This

is probably everyone's not possible to think of the way the < most people's first reaction is "no fly", "fudge" < p > don't worry < p > we'll calculate

80 yuan registration fee + 3 million yuan of taxes (1%) + 3000 yuan assessment fees (0.1%)

+230 yuan trading fees < total

33835 yuan

this! Mody! Less!

sell, gift, following, in the end how to choose? < case in

3 different costs:

property sales: $33835

property gift: $161600

property inheritance: $71600

apparently < gift costs are too high

< > property inheritance process is relatively complex < generally

choose to sell children more money!

" but Xiaobian want to emphasize is

because of the housing area, living life, the first set, two sets, multiple sets of < /p>

limit if the house sold to children in the process of

according to the highest standards to pay personal income tax, business tax and deed tax

so the sale process cost of

may be much higher than the property inheritance of

and then

family the actual situation to specific analysis of specific issues:

read write property card name of child stuffed a big mistake not to look again at the late

China buyers from the beginning, write the name, down payment, loan, loan, sale, inheritance, have a reasonable finance. This article for you, real estate license to write their children's name, not necessarily good. The first

: children to be independent housing may overpayment Shoufu.

if children and parents have no common property, namely parents property permits no child's name, then adult children after the purchase of the first suite, in accordance with the policy of 30% Shoufu and enjoy the first mortgage preferential interest rates.

if the child in the purchase of the policy before the introduction of a total of not more than 2 sets of real estate in the minors and parents, according to the policy, the adult can buy 1 sets of independent housing. some banks, this suite of lending rates can enjoy the first suite of concessions, but the down payment may be in accordance with the two suites standard, pay 70%.

second: the child after marriage to buy a family of second suites may pay property taxes.

such as children in the minors and their parents a total of two sets of real estate, each with an area of 90 square meters, if the property to share in advance do not agree, the default each one-third share, namely the name of the child has 60 square metres of real estate. < p > adult children in the name of himself to buy the first suite has a building area of 100 square meters, according to the policy, the first Suite No matter how large an area, are not levied property tax. < p > until after child marriage to buy the home of the second suite, assuming that the construction area of 120 square metres, children in the name of housing a total construction area of 280 square meters, net of small family a three 180 square meters of duty-free area and 100 square meters need to levy property tax, which 60 square meters is underage parents out of love in the property permits to add the child's name, the.

third: children such as an accident after marriage, the spouse has the right to inherit the property before marriage.

if the child has died in the marriage, the spouses, children, and parents with first order heir, have the right to inherit the dead of all property, including premarital property.

this means that if the child in the minors and parents of real estate, the name of the child's property will also be used as a heritage division and inheritance. As a parent, white haired people who send black hair has been unbearable, now even their own house live peacefully, life feeling why Campbell?

there is no solution to the trick?

property and legal experts weapon, one can be notarized, agreed with underage children and parents shared property, in parents alive, right to all parents. Two is directly to the real estate transaction center to do real estate share changes, reduce the name of the child's real estate share, at least change to 1%. < p > this. Even children adult in its own name, the purchase of real estate excessive and need to levy property tax, with his parents at least some part of the property, the amount of the tax would be extremely limited.

more money, the more loans

most people buy a house idea is: the less the better, the money on the early owing on the loan, to the banks to earn interest too much.

in fact, in the current market situation, this idea is not worth the cost of. Will be to take such a strategy of financial management: the more money the more loans, the more the better, the duration of the better. Own money, to do investment banking. We

is to buy calculate pen Zhang, 350 million yuan 1629 Shoufu 30% is 105 million yuan, 245 million yuan of loans, loan period for 30 years. < p > for the convenience of calculation, assuming the couple all commercial loans, matching repayment method, calculated according to 5 years above the benchmark lending rate 6.55%, monthly and owing on the loan 15566 yuan, 30 years the total interest of 315 million yuan.

one-time payment, indeed the province of the huge interest. But if they pay 1 million 50 thousand yuan, the remaining 2 million 450 thousand yuan to do investment. In fact, both the husband and wife can also apply for provident fund loans, over a period of 5 years of loan interest rate is 4.5%, the actual monthly payment of principal and interest of loans will be lower than 1.55 million yuan. < p > once it was calculated, 30 years later in 1 million yuan, only the equivalent of 573 yuan now, even if inflation so engulfed wealth, after 30 years of 22 million yuan is quite in now of 126 million yuan, small husband and wife spent moisturizing retirement should be is very helpful. But if the full payment to buy a house, the money will be out of the question.

maybe people think this wishful thinking to croak, but 30 years long years, in case of investment income is not ideal as high as how to do? Very simple, as long as the investment income than mortgage interest rates, is to earn. Which day investment income less than the mortgage interest rate, and then owing on the loan is not too late.

ordinary people want to be able to borrow money from the bank, the interest rate to discount, that is, the mortgage, so to make good use of this opportunity to finance.

source: Tencent Finance (WeChat ID:financeapp), Qilu Evening News, CCTV finance, China Economic Net, found room and other

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