Pig manure water pollution Weihe emissions exceed the standard 200 times

Weihe Environmental Protection Bureau pig manure exceed the standard.

tengxunxinwen· 2016-04-19 01:33:15

, Baoji City Chencang District accounts of the temple village sewage outfall discharge pollutant concentration is of all the sewage outfall of the highest, the concentration of chemical oxygen demand 11400 milligrams per liter, ammonia concentration 331.3 mg per liter. Chemical oxygen demand concentration increased significantly compared with 794.5 mg / L in October 2015. Chemical oxygen demand exceeded 227 times; ammonia nitrogen exceeded 26.6 times. (from: Tencent pictures) class= img_box "id_imagebox_2" id= "style="

"content_img_div" is mainly in the village of pig manure water pollution. Ji Wu said that the local had built a sewage treatment plant, the price of live pigs, farmers increased, the original sewage treatment plant processing capacity is not enough. This requires the attention of the government, according to the relevant provisions of the "environmental protection law", mayor of Chencang District is the first responsible person. (from: Tencent pictures)

The 11 sign that you are good at your job is just that you don't realize it.

The 11 sign that you are good at your job is just that you don't realize it.

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