The country owes me a road starship such suitors!


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this week update" the best we can be described as "pocketed the audience tears ~ ~ when we are immersed in on the galaxy Faithfully in all sorts of fancy confession, Galaxy Road but go, leave Zhenhua committed to vindicate let people moved to splinters, Xiaobian take you review the Galaxy Road mad pursuit process.

when everyone is to faithfully Yu Huai,

to see the best of us ",

did not expect was a novel in which there is no touching!

Way galaxy, this new creation in the network play in the role of

is a fun class to sleep, naughty dumbass, "

but he doesn't bully classmates, also warm-hearted,

painted a good picture,

to chase love girl,

not only have the courage to say out loud, "

eighteen like Wu Yi use all

a live chasing love big collection ~~

from the beginning with Geng Geng out,

quietly sit a to read her poetry,

while playing the guitar while reciting a poem is really handsome stay!

even onlookers said, "

"daughter-in-law" ~~

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this name is feeling very smooth and ~

to later full of courage,

toward genggeng face-to-face confession.

Ziguzi also told committed, "text-align: center

will Study hard,

because after the two people together, "

one artist,

; another person must understand the life.

when the drama has finished, "

Galaxy silently send flowers

lengbuding finally committed to a "

"I forgive you".

only committed a face ignorant than... "Text-align: center

this and a little angry and reluctant to blame for

is true Lovely to explode!

path every day are walking the talk between lovers collection.

even love letters are serial!

of course, from time to time but also to recruit! Style=

this is just publicly declare the first recruit!

all second strokes, when all the teachers and students sing.

when committed to him say what they want to hear.

sister stood up the song,

Road starship at made the soil,

but on the stage sing quite like the song.

publicly declare the third recruit,

is the tear of the trick!

Galaxy across the train has been shouting,

"Galaxy Road like genggeng!"

Xiaobian see when tears ran a "text-align: ~

Xing He Lu the boy too will hold up!

when he told for you to leave,"

handed the letter" When a series of end of love,

moments that make people moved to a smoke a smoke!

seventeen years old. Hello,

I is a seventeen year old Road Galaxy ~

in the youth, "

Xinghe Road,

. To amaze the man of your time,

he clearly and indeed really like you,

don't want to let you have a little unhappy,

so, even his exit, pretending to be relaxed,

for just afraid of you have a burden. Style=

in fact, 17 years old is really a good season for love, & nbsp;

naive but brave, not just for the sake of what

you do everything I didn't do, only you such a person.

like genggeng Galaxy does not stop the confession,

genggeng poems and paint faithfully,

genggeng wrote in a letter,

genggeng sing her favorite song...

even the original party were moved to a confused,

hope road starship has a good ending,

play created man thoroughly conquered everyone's heart!

netizens have said that

for this drama bought iqiyi members,

absolute properly worth.

let us raised his hands in a crazy clap,

"to the best of our" playback volume is about to break 10 million!!

finally, send a galaxy of genggeng blessing,

"really really hope I'm sixteen years old like to 17 faithfully,

can like the day drummer,

happy forever free."

Xiaobian to cry,

Youth owe me a galaxy,

a looks fishy but the most reliable guy!

mengchuo read the text when we see plain but not ordinary youth

iqiyi iQIYI2010,

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