Carter sent DDG1000 to enter the South China Sea: China: not afraid

The South China Sea China advanced F-35

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"self isolation of the Great Wall"

local time, Annapolis, Maryland, 1076 of the United States Naval Academy graduates gathered in the Navy and Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, listening to the Secretary of defense Carter to them to deliver a speech. Carter's speech is like a class of international situation, he told the group is about to enter the service of the Navy and Marine Corps officers, they after graduation will face five global security threats, including Russia in Europe the implementation of coercive policies, China in the Asia Pacific rich aggressive rise, North Korea's nuclear defiance, Iran damaging effects on the Persian Gulf, and in Iraq, Syria and the rest of the world beat "Islamic state". Carter said, "the United States did not choose the deal with the luxury of what challenges, we must deal with all the challenges", taking into account not want to let people say the speech was so long, he would most like to emphasize is on the future of the United States is the most important, is likely to determine the officer career challenges & mdash; mdash; Asia Pacific.

in Carter around the Asia Pacific is the core of a long and minute statement, the most prominent Chinese. Carter said that in the South China Sea, China is taking unprecedented expansion of the action, and the international law to seek an excessive maritime claims. After the criticism of the South China Sea Islands and reefs building and driven by foreign ships and fishing, Carter began to maintenance of warships of the United States military operations in the South China Sea, claiming that "Larsen" expulsion of ships and other ships to go to the South China Sea is not a new move, its meaning is to show including the United States, all countries must abide by the principles & mdash; mdash; freedom of navigation. Carter said, whether in marine, network, the global economy or other areas, China in from other people, including us hard to establish and adhere to international standards and system benefit, but they do not help these guidelines and system maintenance, like Beijing declared as "win-win", but often in accordance with the rules of their own work, hurt these guidelines. China behavior may build a "self isolation of the Great Wall". What is

's response to the United States? Carter said that The Pentagon is responsible for the Asia Pacific rebalancing strategy in the field of defense operations, the practice is to put the United States the most advanced forces into the region. "We are doing this, let me for example: we are the F-35 stealth fighter, the p-8 reconnaissance and we have the most advanced surface vessels, we have the most cutting-edge technology new destroyers, all sent to the Pacific". < p > may be afraid of fears that China and the United States in the South China Sea already go to war. Carter later told graduates, the United States does not seek confrontation with China, "we have a lot in common interests, extensive and fruitful relationship, including long-term contact exists between the two militaries, I hope to strengthen ties between this kind of."

in the eyes of the global media, the U.S. Secretary of defense is clearly a can be exported into the news, in particular, Carter is in direct criticism of china. From the Agence France Presse, EFE, "Deutsche Welle", BBC, media around the world of the "self isolation of the Great Wall" in the title or lead. Japan's "Yomiuri Shimbun" Carter said in his speech 22 times named China, "severely criticized the hitherto unknown". On the 25th of this month Carter arrived at the Naval War College, said that China, the strategic posture of the United States to China was likened to "like continued and the former Soviet Union, nearly 50 years of Cold War confrontation", "it will be firmly, gentle but powerful long-term confrontation".

"today will not be afraid,"

29 day to accept the Global Times reporter, asked the name of the Chinese military sources put forward the question at the beginning of this article. The person said, Mr. Carter in his speech, he gave the answer, his mouth is the United States can freely send the most advanced warships and aircraft. That is, military deterrence and stick policy. But this set of impassability, China will not fear threats in the United States, "when the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea are not afraid of today not to be afraid". About Carter mentioned the freedom of navigation, the source said, "America's actions in the South China Sea, can only make the statue of liberty degradation for free under the banner of the name of the violations of the freedom of others gunboat and power. In the final analysis, the South China Sea dispute should be resolved by the parties to the dispute, the South China Sea security should be maintained by the regional countries. As for other countries, should play an active role in promoting peace and stability, rather than to fan the flames, mischief."

27 day, Carter specifically mentioned in the speech, some of China's claims, for the Asia Pacific region, the United States is outside the country. "But in fact, we are the Pacific States", "always be the stakeholders of the Asia Pacific region". He also said that China has suggested that the South China Sea issue should be separated from the broader U. S. - China relations, but the United States can not do so. "China behavior in the region is the basic principle in the challenge, we can not sit idly by."

Carter behind such fierce rhetoric, the outside world can not smell the South China Sea is increasingly strong smell of smoke. German telecommunications network 29, an exaggeration to say, the South China Sea dispute has been on the flame cross". AP 29, said that in the Asia Pacific, a tense political brinkmanship game is being staged, although Washington and Beijing, Moscow relations increasingly tense, but the ships and aircraft sent to the South China Sea and the sea of Japan seems to be the new normal relations between the United States and the Asia Pacific region ". U.S. Navy operations Secretary Richardson said, with China and Russia to strengthen their navy, the United States for the first time in 25 years to face competition from the sea dominance. Over the past 7 months, 3 American warships have been close to China island in order to practice the "freedom of navigation", advocate China challenge. Secretary of defense Carter within one year twice with reporters boarded is located in the South China Sea Carrier in the United States, is to transfer signal, the United States will not cede the navigation rights.

"the United States is in fact not put in the Western Pacific for decades, no challenge to the hegemony of the bar". An unnamed Chinese scholars 29, told the global times, Carter said the United States does not have that can choose to deal with the luxury of what kind of challenges. This is the truth, because the United States if carry not to live, allies to leave it. So it has to be with China's consumption, like Carter's 25 day of expression, and hopes that China's internal logic and society will eventually change. But Carter did not seem to have thought, "China will be able to enjoy the luxury of the national maritime rights and interests?" < p > "the Pentagon is destroying America", in the United States, "Sharon" news network 29 in order to in the title of the article, author Patrick & middot; Smith said, the people in Washington are stories, as Barack Obama's National Security Affairs Deputy Assistant Rhodes, but Carter is not bad, last month, when the United States "Stennis' aircraft carrier into the South China Sea, he stood on the deck claimed that China in the Western Pacific engage in military. And you need to know, "Stanis" is a ship equipped with 25— 30 aircraft of the nuclear powered aircraft carrier. Carter said that Smith put people back to the United States and the Socialist Alliance against the "good old days", the Chinese people seem to be the only note that Carter has the ability to turn the day into night. The fact that the United States did not care whether the Western Pacific military, the military policy is the core of East asia. The arms of Vietnam Obama ban, is to tell the Asian countries, "our arms dealers waiting to do business with you". Smith said that China's rise is indeed a challenge to the United States, but the United States to implement the new containment policy is doomed to failure. "Chinese people to stand up" behind a very deep historical and cultural origins, do not understand these will not understand, how many aircraft carriers to send to the South China Sea can not stop the Chinese people's ambition.

"next war", La summit

according to the information released by the Pentagon site, Carter a important trip will be open Asia tour, to Singapore to attend the annual Shangri La security summit. The debate over the South China Sea is likely to dominate this year's summit, the Agence France-Presse said. Nanjing University Institute of international relations scholars Zhu Feng, the past decade has been involved in the summit, the Shangri La, he 29, told the global times, "the security summit next month in the United States will blame the destruction of the rule of law and order in the Asia Pacific, in violation of international rules, become the factors of instability in the region. This is for sure."

"Carter's speech is a typical American interpretation." Zhu Feng said that the Chinese government 2014 clearly stated that the South China Sea Islands and reefs building is for to provide public products, promote development of environmental protection and other purposes, focusing on civilian, rather than military, the United States this misreading. On the South China Sea tensions, the United States today to blame, but the United States has said nothing about their responsibilities. Zhu Feng believes that the United States has been in the use of "the logic of the United States" interpretation of the situation in the South China Sea, China believes that he is in order to safeguard the sovereignty, the United States as to "change the status quo challenge the United States for decades did not suffer the challenge of Western Pacific hegemony".

want to accuse China at the Shangri-La summit, the United States had to plug their wrong place. Carter speech on the same day, the British "Financial Times" published a letter to readers, questioned the United States is the trouble maker for personal gain. Signature of realist reader said that without any known maritime transport due to China's territorial claims in the South China Sea in the freedom of navigation threatened, the US warships to challenge China seems to be in the manufacture of a currently nonexistent "freedom of navigation" problem. In contrast, East Asian people long for peace, a total of the United States to say, and the United States is the main role of Anti China gun shop, the role of the order, only to threaten the stability of the region. Reader Dhako said that the United States in fact, understand that the East Asian economic integration is significantly conducive to China, rather than the United states. (Global Times)

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