A total of big data feast - a review of China's big data industry summit

The number of Bo soft Qihoo data platform Summit

renminribao· 2016-05-30 09:22:34

May, the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau, the breeze, green tide. 29, a period of 5 days of China's big data industry summit and China e-commerce innovation and Development Summit (hereinafter referred to as the number of fair) ended. < p > as of 29, the current number of Bo will be contracted projects more than 170, the total amount of more than 300 billion yuan, 4.6 million people from around the world to participate in this event, a gluttonous feast of the field of global data presented in front of the world. < p > < strong > Qunying assemble, to discuss the development trend of the industry

< p > with the rise of the big data development as a national strategy, 2016 Guiyang number Bo will upgraded to a national event. This fair by the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the central network letter office and the people's Government of Guizhou Province, the focus of big data open smart era of the annual theme. < p > the British embassy minister counsellor Ma Xueli said "big data is" diamond mine ", both in Chinese and English together to make good use of the 'mine', can achieve a win-win situation."

how big data this diamond mine good? Vice president of Qihoo 360 Technology Co., Ltd. Tan Xiaosheng said: "who has the creative act, who will be able to dig out the priceless treasure, win development." China Institute of information and communications expert Hu Jianbo believes that the value of the data needs to be excavated, which relies on the development of large data applications. < p < p > this number Bo would also become the industry authoritative information release positions, the China electronic commerce development index report 2014 - 2015 "for the industry and information Blue Book 2015 - 2016", released in succession. < p > number Bo will be held a total of 68 a theme of the forum, divided into five sectors of economic and social development, industry and application, and trend of technology, safety and privacy protection, e-commerce, the world's top 500 enterprises responsible, representatives of universities, domestic and foreign news media, authorities and other forums. < p > < strong > our company gathers and show the advanced achievements in science and technology,

< br / > the number of Bo will be attracted more than 3700 domestic and foreign enterprises exhibitors, Dell, Intel, such as Alibaba, a world leader in army the enterprise in the number of fair show, showing the new technology of artificial intelligence, facial recognition and other global.

Ant King clothes to the latest brush face payment equipment moved to the scene. "You may not have a wallet, no cash, through this technology, you can brush the face to complete a payment process, which is both convenient and safe." Ant King Service Engineer Xiao Weijie introduced. < p > Intel company focused on the promotion a product called "youyou" robot, which has two cameras and a sensor can capture movements and speech transmission to the cloud, after identification of artificial intelligence, and human interaction, to imitate human movements. < p > "wonderful, can enjoy so many global latest sophisticated science and technology", in order to see it, Guiyang citizen Li Qiangqi early in the morning arrived at the venue.

unmanned aerial vehicle, VR, unmanned "super car""...... The internationalization of 2016 Bo number will become the global data in the field of cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements release platform, the industrial chain of high-end parties and peoples innovation incubator cradle.

fair total exhibition area of 60 thousand square meters, more than 30% of the total exhibition area of foreign enterprises, a large number of small and medium enterprises to participate actively, accounting for 60% of the total number of participating enterprises.

cooperation and win-win, sharing the future of unlimited business opportunities

Guizhou once was one of China's least developed provinces, but now here is growing a tree of wisdom".

who are aware of the big data industry market, but the business model, who do not know how many kinds." ISoftStone holdings chairman and chief executive, Mr Liu told reporters that he was willing to through a number of Bo, continue to meet the common ideal partners.

the latest wave of technology, eager passion, sense of smell of capital...... Here, a big data industry chain has been formed.

Guiyang municipal government and DELL (China) Co., Ltd. signed a memorandum of deepening strategic cooperation. Huang Chenhong, President of DELL Greater China, said the two sides will deepen cooperation in a number of games, cloud computing, big data talent training, precision poverty alleviation and other areas. By Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd. to provide "Microsoft cloud and mobile technology incubator, Guizhou Province, big data incubator base" inaugurated the comprehensive technical support was established. GUI an area with domestic and foreign famous enterprises signed 28 projects, with a total investment of about 18 billion 880 million yuan.

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