One hundred million pixels! The new camera is enough for you to buy a Tesla.

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aifaner· 2016-04-19 02:15:07

in the whirlwind of the pixel of the war, the former Sony soon broke 80 million pixel full frame alpha 7R III has enough scared off Chin a. However, always some mysterious and special heart frame Hasselblad recently issued a big move, the war lifted to a level million pixels.
according to the news of slashgear, Hasselblad recently released the two frame digital camera H6D-50c and H6D-100c. Both are CMOS sensors, which, H6D-50c of the pixel is 50 million, H6D-100c pixel is up to 100 million, and H6D-100c also supports 4K video capture function in the market more and more popular. Both of the shutter is 60 minutes to 1/2000 seconds.
Hasselblad said, in order to improve the existing H series of medium format cameras, so the Hasselblad used new hardware and electronic platform and completely re create the H6D two new machines.
as Hasselblad CEO Perry Oosting said:"
on Hasselblad The release of H6D is the beginning of the year of celebration.
of course, since is Hasselblad produced, the price well, we take a look at it. 50 million pixels of the price H6D-50c for $25995 (RMB 168302 yuan), 1 million pixels of the price H6D-100c for $32995 (RMB 213576 yuan), the price already and the Tesla Model 3 3.5 million dollars is almost the same.
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