Central financial arrangements 1 billion yuan pilot comprehensive utilization of straw

Comprehensive utilization central government finance experimental work crop straw Ministry of Ag

jingjiribao· 2016-05-30 09:29:03

< br / > the Ministry of Finance recently issued news said, this year the Ministry of finance through the integration and adjustment of the budget increase 10 million yuan of funds arrangements, jointly with the Ministry of agriculture around to speed up the construction of the ring of Beijing, Tianjin and the integration of ecological barrier in key areas, crop straw incineration is the prominent problem of Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong, Henan 10 province (autonomous region) to carry out crop straw Jinshao and comprehensive utilization of the pilot. < p > it is reported that central government funds pilot, take subsidies in order to award on behalf of the way, by the pilot provinces in accordance with contiguous focus, overall progress, multi use, agricultural priority, market operation, government support for the principle, to encourage the adoption of policies to support, guide farmers willingness to open exhibition comprehensive utilization of straw, is strictly prohibited open burning of straw. < p > straw comprehensive utilization of the pilot to agricultural based, fertilizer, feed to promote combination of planting and breeding, promote the straw mechanical crushing returning, biological decomposition of straw and livestock manure fertilizer, local conditions, the development of straw as raw materials of biogas in rural areas centralized gas supply engineering, straw briquette fuel, straw edible fungi planting of energy, fuel and base material of the. < p < p > all through the straw comprehensive utilization of the pilot support to improve the industrialization of straw utilization level, has been formed to certain industrial scale biomass fuel, ethanol, straw power generation, straw polysaccharides, straw and starch, paper and board, actively study the policies and measures to speed up industrial expansion and technology diffusion, and further improve the industrialization of straw utilization rates and utilization levels. < p > at the same time, to encourage the country to give full play to the role of social service organizations, accelerating the development of the development of straw collection, storage, transportation and other rural social service organizations and the purchase of agricultural subsidies, appropriate scale of operation of food and agricultural production throughout the social service, rural primary, secondary and tertiary industries fusion development of support measures and straw comprehensive utilization of organic combination, together to form a policy, do do greatly strong comprehensive utilization of straw based platform. < p > the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of agriculture in the pilot provinces to strengthen the organization and leadership, strengthen management and financial services regulation at the same time, made it clear to the pilot, the establishment of performance evaluation mechanism, after the examination of three provinces will exit the scope of the pilot, in order to realize the pilot provinces have into have retreat dynamic management mechanism and is conducive to the promotion of the pilot work incentive and restraint mechanisms. (reporter Ceng Jinhua)

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