Barcelona fight back to doubt as to win the domestic double crown, with the death of the Club Cup Hengda it? The season can have the same outcome?

Barcelona Hengda Club World Cup

dalaomingcongshuoming· 2016-05-30 09:39:17

Barcelona comeback question wish won the domestic double crown, Hengda also experience Club World Cup will be the outcome of a sample?

in the early hours of the morning, 2015/16 season, the king's Cup final at the Calderon stadium for Barcelona 2 0 victory over Seville, Mascherano and Banega in 90 minutes was sent successively, Suarez back injury. Messi has overtime Alba assists and Neymar scored, carrico was also fined under the. Barcelona twenty-eighth times won the king's cup champion, and won the double Spanish domestic league and cup in this season.

this is won the king's Cup in the history of the red and blue army the 28 times, far exceeding the Bilbao 23 crown and Real Madrid's 19th title, which is Barcelona since 1951 - 52, 1952-53, 1958-59, 1997-98, 2008-09 season last season and, for the seventh time obtained the double crown. Although in the Champions League 1/4 finals were eliminated, but won the double for Barcelona has been great enough to know that double was football's top honours, but not many teams have this opportunity. This season has been determined not to have the team won three trophies under the condition of double was the highest honor for a team to pursue.

Barcelona after all from us a bit far, look around the team Guangzhou Evergrande, and Barcelona is the same, the team participate in the Club World Cup, but coach Scolari is repeatedly said that this game has an effect on the team for the new season. In the intercontinental arena, AFC Champions League Hengda Group phase out, such as Barcelona is not ideal, but focus on the domestic arena after all win, the 9 game winning streak, the recent Barcelona are similar. Since participating in the Club World Cup team fate so similar now, Barcelona won the domestic double crown, it also means that the constant brigade can harvest domestic double?

sports may not be so analogy, but they have in common is not unexpected, with the constant brigade of the hot point of view, the possibility of the season to win the domestic double crown the great! Right now, the league has been unwittingly opened 6 more than second points, the cup can not predict a strong, but also to increase the strength of the effort, but from the hard power to see, there is no team can compete with the super overlord. Perhaps this day, really will come.

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