2016 Taipei computer show preview: AMD will be out of explosive products


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Computex computer exhibition began in 1981, now it has become one of the world's largest science and technology exhibition.

according to the Convention, every exhibition on various manufacturers will launch a lot of new consumer electronics, and the focus of publicity are its powerful processing capability, no accident, this year Intel. AMD and NVidia will showcase its fastest processor and graphics products on top of the game player, so you do not miss this event.

5 31 Computex2016 exhibition will be officially opened, now we can work together to look forward to this exhibition will show which highlights for us.

Polaris Pascal

AMD and NVidia are expected to show a new generation of consumer level graphics in this exhibition, AMD will launch a new Polaris architecture, NVidia will launch a new Pascal architecture.

for the release of new products is estimated to have to wait for a period of time, at least not Computex during the exhibition. Although the two architectures are different, but in the process of AMD and GPU will lead to 16nm NVidia, and commitment to the new graphics either in performance or power consumption has a huge improvement and improvement.

NVidia said the card sales in July the first batch of Pascal, including the recently released GTX 1070 and GTX 1080. As for AMD, there are a number of rumors that Polaris's AMD graphics cards have to wait a little longer to be formally meet with consumers, in addition to the analysts believe that the Polaris AMD NVidia graphics performance and Pascal graphics close.

PC due to the market downturn, the current graphics sales to no longer in the past is so hot. In spite of this, but with the high-end games and VR technology driven, graphics needs may be re ushered in a new spring.


NVidia shipments grew 34.2%, in addition to the NVidia gaming notebook is fond of, which can be expected is this year's Computex exhibition launched a Pascal architecture based on NV graphics notebook products.

PC in the depressed market environment, gaming notebook sales growth is one of the few bright spots, analysts expect the global gaming notebook shipments this year will exceed 5 million units.

AMD Bristol Ridge

AMD on the same mobile field thanks to interest's first seven generation A series APU Bristol Ridge will be the first landing of the mobile platform, HPEnvy X360 will become the first to adopt the processor notebook.

AMD said, A series of APU seventh generation has begun volume shipments to OEM customers, including four core, dual core models, equipped with mobile applications for optimization of excavator x86 CPU core, Radeon R7/R5 GPU graphics core. Support 4K video resolution, FreeSync technology.

AMD also claimed that the seventh generation of FX APU (FX-9800) performance compared to two years ago FX APU (FX-7500) or 50%.


border-box; after Skylake, Intel is expected to announce a new generation of Kaby Lake processor in the Computex 2016 show, but Intel Tick-Tock has acknowledged the strategic failure.

Gigabyte said, Kaby Lake will be at Z170 on the motherboard provides more performance and more features for users, but these improvements in what aspects we have yet to be published in the Intel Computex exhibition.

also worth mentioning is that with the upcoming 14nm Broadwell-E processor, Gigabyte will also launch a new version of the X99 motherboard, Core i7 performance complete release of 6950X ten core processor.

Intel current processor product line has been relatively rich, but Intel has been in the April Intel Developer Forum has been performed so detailed, at the Computex exhibition will not have too much to launch new products.

Apollo Lake Cherry Trail processor will replace Atom and Braswell Celeron/Pentium processor, and later this year we're in some cheap laptops and household machines found on the series figure, of course, like Chromebook "cheap cloud notebook" equipment.

Thunderbolt class= ui-sortable-handle Powered-by-XIUMI interface

Gigabyte will continue to promote the Thunderblot 3 high speed interface. UD5-TH Z170X is Gigabyte's first Thunderblot 3 certification board, is also the Intel designated Thunderbolt 3 motherboard production reference products, Gigabyte will further promote the use of new interfaces, and even the introduction of PC mini.

Computex CPX forum, CPX forum is an international famous leading global industry trends, share the latest annual observation platform of choice.

this year new trends including networking, machine learning, equipment grid. Speakers include CEO Simon Segars ARM, senior vice president and general manager of Qualcomm connection technology Patel Rahul and SIEMENS Taiwan President Elver Erdal.

the two SONY new machine has appeared in the GFXBench database, models were F3216 and F331, then the Russian science and technology website exposure the information display F3311 are actually Xperia E5, earlier today also released the official SONY Xperia E5 renderings.

according to GFXBench data show, SONY Xperia E5 intelligent mobile phone is an entry-level, using 4.6 inch 720P screen, equipped with MediaTek MT6735 processor, 1.5GB ram and 16GB storage, 5 million +1600 megapixel camera combination.

F3216 resolution of 1080P, equipped with MediaTek Helio P10 processor, rear 21 million pixel camera, front 16 million pixel camera, or E5 Compact. The two new machines will be unveiled at the Taipei computer show.

ASUS variant of the T302

ASUS has announced that it will release a new version of the Windows Computex exhibition Transformer Book 10 variant of the T302, and will be shipped in a few weeks.

the deformation of this size is 12.5 inches, equipped with a detachable keyboard, equipped with ore M3-6Y30/Core M7-6Y75 processor, built-in 4GB/8GB memory, storage 128GB/256GB/512GB SATA III divided into M.2SSD version, the price will be announced at the press conference. (source: Yesky)

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