The Zheng Shuang family is superior fried chicken store was ridicule, can good?

Fried chicken

nandouyulezhoukan· 2016-05-30 13:28:42

the original WeChat public number [charter] gossip micro signal (baozupo616)

! At the start of today's content before the charter must be referred to the recent car accident - Li Yifeng out of the car accident, let us look into the circle spot for Lamborghini star on the list a long:

Hua Chenyu's modified version of Lamborghini

! Dad claiming 20 billion of assets Huang Zitao, of course,

! Tian Liang also has an orange min-height: 1em Rambo

National husband Wang Sicong luxury car is full of underground parking lot "

! To tell the truth, Lamborghini is almost two rich generation standard. The entertainment of the two rich generation is no exception, such as Zhang Han, also love Lamborghini, online exposed he drives a green Lamborghini cool open LP700 photos, he is just two rich generation 'most loved one.

Zheng Shuang earlier in an interview said, "remember when I was young, my father every day, riding a big bike send me to school, then bike into a motorcycle, then for motorcycle into the car, and then into a more luxurious car."

! As a star, it is not. Look at her in reality show the appearance of the scene

! So, estimation is not up to the so-called online two rich generation standard, but there should be no doubt more than a well-off family.

and the beginning of 2014, Zheng Shuang street in Hengdian Town Road, opened a A chicken shop called "little shell".


! Zheng Shuang parents personally took mother responsible for cashier......

is said to have fried chicken shop since the opening day, the guests visited the shop Without a break, and it is also one of the big stars frequented the shop, from a shop, Liu Tao should be the most flattering star, hundreds of dozens of

< /p>

small eggshell specifically looking for people to interview, doing propaganda. In the promotional video, store decoration is such that all was designed by Zheng Shuang

break-word! "

! There are reports that shop for more than a year, ! Zheng Shuang's "little eggshell" in Hengdian is still famous, business booming as in Hengdian all the crew of the designated feeding mechanism, for Zheng Shuang from 2014 Until 2016 most of the dramas were filmed in Hengdian. 25.6px; max-width: 100% important; box-sizing:! Border-box! Important; word-wrap: break-word important!; ">" eggshell "reasonable price has become one of the popular span>!"......

sounds really smooth, everything is so perfect. Look at the fried chicken shop location

location is in a relatively prosperous street.

next is out of the menu

menu slightly shabby.

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