Shrinking stock index rose 0.05% bank stocks led

Bank stocks stock index shrinkage fund

caixinwang· 2016-05-30 13:52:59

's new network on 30 May, killed no weakness, upside volume, shrinking stock index closed at 2822.45 points or 0.05%

Fed rate hike is expected to heat up, pressure of RMB, but the A shares in the stock of the game, no amount of upside inability to kill. Monday (May 30th) in Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities after the weak shock, the weak trend in early trading once the stock index fell 2800 points, the banks, non bank financial stock index upward, with the meteoric rise, mining, non-ferrous metals sector dragged down trend. With transportation, banking, insurance as the main component of the Shanghai Composite Index rose 50, small and medium sized board index and the gem index fell slightly. As Hugh

disk, the stock index at 2822.45 points, up 1.40 points, or 0.05%%; Shenzhen component index reported 9768.84 points, down 44.79 points, or 0.46%; small and medium-sized board index reported 6383.64 points, down 37.08 points, or 0.58%; gem index reported 2058.52 points, down 11.37 points, or 0.55%%.

Fed rate hike time point has become the focus of global investors, in May 30th, the U.S. dollar higher, the devaluation of the renminbi. State Securities analyst Li Lifeng pointed out that from the federal futures market forecast, the probability of the June rate hike to 34%, the probability of a rate hike in July rose to 62%. "

" compared to the July rate hike expectations may be higher. "Li Lifeng says, partly because they can have enough economic data in the two quarter of the FOMC meeting in July; on the other hand, the July FOMC meeting when the European referendum back in the United States have in the past, reduce the uncertainty. Recent institutional investors concerned about the exchange rate of more and more, Yellen 28 speech after the dollar index rose to 95.74, the weekly gains of 0.46%, up and up, the RMB exchange rate short-term pressure.

"interest rate hike before the A shares are still difficult. Guotai Junan Strategy Analyst Qiao Yongyuan in the latest report said that although the Fed rate hike in July almost has become the market consensus, but the interest rate hike before landing will remain on the A stock market has an important restriction.

Joe always pointed out, first of all, the Fed rate hike is expected to one day ', emerging market currencies and the rights and interests of the potential risk of a day hard, as the main linkage of emerging markets, A shares in the low risk preference under increased volatility or can hardly be avoided. Secondly, although the renminbi has gradually formed a "middle price + closing rate pegged to a basket of currencies" formation mechanism, but the dollar is expected to strengthen, will also indirectly affect the stability of the RMB exchange rate is expected to fall boots before it is difficult to completely eliminate. Third, the current domestic financial entities, facing double deleveraging, foreign faces the potential impact of the Fed rate hike, a British exit, risk of exchange rate fluctuations in financial markets, the transfer will be how much will form constraints on domestic policy. Therefore, the Fed rate hike, landing in the British Overseas factors from Europe before the referendum, A shares to enhance risk appetite for short-term will remain restricted, vanish after landing boots.

as for the economy, Li Lifeng said, domestic economic growth continued to decline in April, the trend of "U" type is expected to be falsified, more expected economy presents L "trend, the possibility of the incremental capital market is not. Increase or decrease in the last week, the market to maintain a net reduction of the situation. With the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange will be stopped resumption system to further adjust and improve the probability of the current round of A shares sprint MSCI index further increased. Assuming that A shares are included in MSCI, the short-term impact on the market sentiment. On the one hand the initial size of new funds is too small, about 10-15 billion, on the other hand, in accordance with the MSCI index configuration of passive ETF funds need to be in May next year, the last trading time to select the configuration part of the A shares.

Shenzhen Tong, Li Lifeng believes that from the time node, the two regulators announced that "the starting point is approaching the Shenzhen Tong, still need 3 to 4 months to prepare for the announcement, it announced the launch of more reflected in the increase in market volatility, but has no impact on the trend of the market trend.

editing: reporter Zhang Xin Cao Wenjiao

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