The couple raised 270 pounds bear 23 years a day at the same table


tengxun· 2016-05-30 13:57:27

"content_img_p" for most people, and bear sit at the same table eating is terrible, do not make oneself become its dish of Chinese food. However, for Pant Lin C (Panteleenko Svetlana) and Pant Lin C - Yuri (Panteleenko Yuriy), this is only a matter of ordinary things. Class= img_box "

the couple 23 years ago adopted the three month old bear, and give it named Stepan (Stepan).

that only large mammals stood more than 7 feet (about 2.13 meters), has been domesticated, it is the habit of family life, or even to do housework, it can help watering the plants in the garden. Class= img_box "

Stepan love sweets, favorite is concentrated canned milk. It is every essential food is a big bowl of porridge, 25 kilograms of fish, vegetables and egg, which means to prepare dinner for the Pant Lin C family is not an easy task. Class= img_box "

Stepan is a "essence" fans, every day and the master playing ball on the grass.

"" Svetlana said: "Stepan's favorite is to sit with us every night on the sofa watching tv. "

Stepan is mother abandoned in the woods, was a hunter brought back, we decided to adopt it, it was only three months. "Svetlana said.

Stepan is a very sociable bear, although a lot of people are frightened by the huge appearance, but it is still like to make friends with human. "It has never attacked or bitten people, it will not eat us and house.". "

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