Gates of Fallujah Iraq ready to recover the Islamic state stronghold

Fei Lujie the Iraqi army the Islamic state gates

· 2016-05-30 14:23:58

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arrived in Fallujah in Iraq ready to recover the Islamic state town of

in new network on 30 May, according to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" reported on 30, Iraqi military forces have reached the most sophisticated extremist organization Islamic state in Iraq within the territory of the last two of the fortress city of Fallujah (Fallujah), to recover the Arabia coalition is war triggered at any moment, to the organization in the territory of Syria, the city of La (Raqa) attack.

international coalition support of the Iraqi army and the armed forces of Syria in the two front at the same time to the Islamic state organization control of the two cities to put pressure on. According to reports, the Islamic state of Iraq's first line of defense, Fei Lujie near the town of Kalmar is now controlled by government forces.

of Iraq Fei Lujie resumed operations commander Abdelwahab said, police anti-terrorism forces and tribal armed forces have arrived in two camps in eastern and southern Fei Lujie. He said: these troops will be in a few hours into the military Lu Jie, from the Islamic state in the hands of the liberation of it." < p > forces in Iraq and Iranian backed Shiite faction armed "mobilize the whole people" on May 22 to 23, the launch of large-scale recovery of Fallujah action. These forces are currently concentrated in the eastern part of Fei Lujie, has not yet been attacked into the city. < p > Iraq: counterterrorism forces to scoring city "< p > Iraqi military best trained and most actual combat experience in the anti-terrorism forces open to Fallujah, which means against the Islamic state war has come to a critical moment.

anti terrorist forces spokesman Sabbah said the anti-terrorism forces intend to "attack the city", "with the completion of the Iraqi army siege operations, military operations will shift to urban warfare"; but he did not want to disclose the time of attack.

Fei Lujie and Mosul (Mosul) is the Islamic state in Iraq in the two final stronghold. Fei Lujie, 50 kilometers west of Baghdad, Mosul is located 390 kilometers northwest of Baghdad, the two cities are in the hands of the organization of the Iraqi state in June 2014.

it is estimated that Fei Lujie has 50 thousand civilians trapped. < p < br / > the U. S. military said them by dropping leaflets to tell civilians to avoid entering the organization of the Islamic state control of the region, and in their own roof covered with white cloth. < p > Syria: armed forces attack La < p < p > in Syria, won the international coalition to support the armed forces continue to enter the LA, which leads to the "Islamic state extremists to Aleppo direction retreat. < p > La in northern Syria, is the "capital" of the Islamic state of Aleppo, a city in the West about 160 kilometers.

in the face of extremists influx of civilians in the vicinity of Aleppo city have fled. It is estimated that city of Aleppo in the border region between 30 kilometers north of the town of azaz (azaz) and the Turkish border has 16 000 people stranded.

United Nations refugee agency said: "fleeing civilians were involved in the war, in the face of the lack of medicine, food, water and security challenges." < p > town of azaz, a reporter said that local residents to flee their homes situation is very serious, if Turkey continues to close its borders and refused to accept refugees, the situation will not be improved.

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