Mobile advertising will bring an opportunity to exceed the PC side, cheetah mobile advertising or into a big winner

Big winners cheetah mobile advertising

CnMoAd· 2016-05-30 14:42:59

compared with the traditional Internet advertising, which has been criticized by the search advertising and the declining banner ads, the rapid development of mobile advertising as if it is another world. June 2015, cheetah Mobile announced its entry into the mobile advertising industry in the fourth quarter, its online advertising and related business revenue of 1 billion 31 million yuan, of which mobile advertising revenue accounted for 74% of the revenue of the plate business. For the high threshold of the advertising industry, similar to the pace of development of the cheetah mobile advertising platform, in the past ten years are unthinkable. And support the background of this development speed, mobile advertising is replacing the traditional Internet advertising become mainstream.

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