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CnMoAd· 2016-05-30 14:43:18

2016 fourteenth ChinaJoy (micro-blog) will be held in July 31st - July 28th in Shanghai New International Expo center. As a global digital entertainment field is the most influential event, 2016ChinaJoy was given a new position: the world's largest game oriented, covering the pan Entertainment (including film, animation, network literature) digital entertainment content display platform. Based on this, ChinaJoy will cooperate with the huge demand of exhibitors pays attention to "Pan entertainment" in the field of cross platform and cooperation in the past, both on the basis of keeping pace with the times, to meet the tide of industrial development, leading to the digital entertainment trend, create a more diversified cross-border business cooperation platform BTOB.

music to "touch the life and music sharing" for the faith, is committed to improving the mobile advertising effect, optimize the user experience, providing industry-leading mobile internet marketing solutions for customers, bringing more benefits for developers, and promote the harmonious development of the mobile application ecosystem.

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Point music mobile advertising will be 2016ChinaJoyBTOB wonderful debut

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