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2015 on Christmas Eve, 27 year old Sharon from London to give up as a graphic design in a children's Hospital The designers work, to seek a new way of life: travel, meet the strong sense of creation, and the instability of the regular income . At the same time, she is now working on a freelance, photography, and creative assistant training camp for all European operators.
(this mode of life "I have more free time," she said. "I have more free time, I have less time to commute, I can choose what to do and when I am working. The most important is that I feel myself in style= box-sizing: "border-box truly run your own business ."
with mobile phone chat tools, such as WeChat and Skype company, now more than ever in the" box-sizing: border-box style= > "short-term free occupation, rather than hiring permanent staff, and a series of new platforms emerge is better for employers and employees together -- they don't even have the body in the same country.
this new system called " "odd economy", and not just for artists. Airbnb and the landlord is also in their own free time to provide services and products, and in order to make money. In Berlin, Broolyn and Seoul, often seen with the style= color: RGB notebook computer free web developer and user interface designer , from Dubai, Bangalore to Philippines, and migrant workers the company is also exploring the possibility of remote and according to the need to employ.
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; we are the new trend in the beginning," Zipcar said, this platform since the start of 1999, let city residents can share a car rather than buy myself a car, he published a book last year, called " sharing the economic ". Style= box-sizing: "border-box
"all things that make up a platform will be one," she said. "All the labor that can be obtained from outside will eventually be obtained from outside."
the largest free occupation platform Elance-oDesk in May 2015 changed its name to Upwork, and will be announced online free occupation annual income from a total of border-box Mohamed Khan grew up in Dubai, runs a consulting firm called blueorange Upwork, was invited to promote its MENA business development .
we were surprised to see How to change the whole platform, the work environment, "he said:" the UAE company who is also the first batch of game player ."
Khan to agree with Robin Chase that " remote hiring and short-term contracts "trend is still in early stages of development, there are great opportunities for future market. There is a psychological barrier, he says, because employers to hire people they have never seen is not assured, however this phenomenon in the change, but also bring new work for the benefits of the system is very high, especially for small startups.
far The hiring process allows employers to access an international workforce, and reduce the extra cost of hiring employees. And, when the distance is employed, it will bring an extra benefit.
we have seen from the company 3 One plus two Upwork employees to 25 individuals and 10 Upwork employees, "Khan said:" (the platform) to help the company to the rapid expansion of the scale of ."
and free occupation can be free, and can work whenever and wherever possible.
my life has a hitherto unknown control ," a 25 year old freelance occupation Rahul living in Delhi, he engaged in content creation, including consulting, activity management and occupation bloggers work. He got the job from his personal homepage, or looking for jobs from India popular free occupation recruitment website Truelancer. Style= box-sizing: "border-box
platform in favor of customers ."
these platforms are immediately A specific occupation, then free researchers through a series of complex and a waste of time to get back their money channels ."
in this new world, the biggest winner is the platform itself. From looking for manual workers, such as cleaners and furniture assembly Division website TaskRabbit, LinkedIn launched a new service to senior ProFinder: for a given task can recommend the best IT free occupation. These platforms can easily get the cost from millions of workers without any actual labor or a big team. They only provide a free occupation can be service space , but not the quality of service guarantee, we can say a lot.
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Robin Chase suggested that want in the new The economic system of a share, they released their first platform for people looking for a breakthrough in the market, "the review of this industry ecosystem and the assets of the company, and to see whether there were surplus labor can use what."
for the rest of US jobs, economic good and bad. On the one hand, the new forms of work increased by personal work flexibility and can find jobs . But on the other hand, this makes the work and can no longer provide the existing stability and working rules of , which is now has a full-time job, "he pointed out that food. Style= box-sizing: "border-box
I recently heard a word words , "Zeiss said:" my father's life to do a job, my life will have six jobs, " and my sons will have six jobs at the same time < / span>. " That's what's happening right now."

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