The evil? Hailu Qin night on Nao wall neck pinch

Hailu Qin Wallace Huo pike neck.

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but forwarded to the circle of friends ~ good gay friend Zhao Wuer Da ~

recently sister also dispatched … … but he had this experience, but in the excitement brought so weird … &hellip

that day, when he followed Hailu Qin back to their normal library from the outside, suddenly a bow looked up, he found that Hailu Qin have become the people of the state … &hellip

; suddenly she dropped the unkempt ponytail, as a ghost, his hand clenched into the air a hit Put the Buddha, holding a knife, Neng minutes to die who shouted hysterically!

hit over the enemy, she wiped a heroic your mouth, suddenly grabbed his neck and began frantically shakes … …

and then suddenly, facing the direction of the car on his knees, seemed to turn into … &hellip

hit for a long time, Hailu Qin seems to think there is no physical performance is not enough, the end In the tentacles beside the wall, trying to push it over the … &hellip

look at the action figure, even more frightening:

in the selection of the day after the wall, nor what happened, the final vent enough Hailu Qin suddenly calm down slowly, as if what had happened back home.

sister always know Hailu Qin, Kung Fu, body language has been good, that is:


even if you let her upside down a word horse like:

but little sister just know she was learning to dance, but did not know that she is In the opera school to learn Beijing opera, but also the kind of appearance will be able to make people stunning sword.

"singer" in cross-border, it is with this a skill, she defeated Liu Tao Wang Kai, took a champion.

at the end of the show she searched her before the interview to know, that time to practice this a skill, she is also a hard work, but also practice to "a gun can know how far can play the foot contact".

, but even if you love sports, it is in the garage of a set of actions to look down, not in the exercise? Is it a ghost?

no, as a member of the Communist Party, the younger sister is convinced that this must not be the way it is!

look, sister found someone broke the news before, Hailu Qin appeared alone in a well-known Beijing psychiatric hospital outpatient building, stern, stressed … … is what caused the secret sorrow too much pressure on you.?

sister but remember her last interview, also very happiness and peace of mind, speech all revealed to now life satisfaction.

rolled the comments of friends, someone said, she and Wallace Huo recently seemed to make a movie, which plays the main character is such that a Diudiu neurotic.

sister checked, really seems to be so … &hellip

as the "hide and seek" a remake of the Korean movie, so from the original in the plot, seems to be able to see this movie, the heroine is somewhat unusual … &hellip

is just too deep into the drama, the actors, to pull away the example is too much, even if not deduction this suspense thriller film actor, due to play the outbreak of depression in the news, a search can find a bunch of

and sister wanted Hailu Qin in acting while retaining their own love, also want to cast actors to provide better protection, either physical or psychological care ah ~

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