Shandong teacher Bangsha children exposure details: students called monster

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Original title: Wulian

tutor case details exposure: after killing a child called students hit the monster … …

[introduction] the day of the incident, tutor home has 8 students, she first gave each student hair candy, wish the students Children's Day happy, then one of the 3 students separate call to a room with a rope tied with a rolling door, suddenly began to violently attack, Biandabian shouted "you are the devil! … …

5 28 in the morning, Rizhao City Wulian County High Town West Village 8 being tutored children, was suddenly closed bludgeon tutor, at present it has caused 1 dead 3 injured, the perpetrators of the female teacher has been controlled by the police. The first time the reporter arrived at Wulian on the incident was reported. 30 morning, reporters on the 7 floor of the Department of Neurosurgery, Wulian People's Hospital ward, was found beaten girls Vonnie (a pseudonym), it is understood that it was the other students (and treated in the same hospital), opened the door to escape rope was reported to the police.

in the morning, I and 7 other students to teacher Li's home class. Before class, teachers give us out of candy, that is Children's Day back, and we wish a happy holiday. "Small Yan told reporters, had received the gift of the classmates all very happy, then the teacher called small and separate two other students into a small room, then a terrible thing happened. Teacher Li suddenly roped the door of the house, the whole bundle of three laps, and picked up a rolling pin on their beat, Biandabian shouted "you are the devil! "I kept falling in a child's head and body, 12 year old hill (a pseudonym) most serious injury, blood dc.

children were the teacher was suddenly scared senseless, hill was only holding the head squat in the room let Li beat, to calm down the small Yan found a paper cutting knife in the room by another with cut bundles in the door of the rope, but because of too much too nervous, the students cut the rope for a time he could not open the door, rushed forward to help the small Yan opened the door. Other children outside the house was also scared out of sight, followed by two people desperately trying to escape from the teacher's house, the process of escape, Lee and wounded another student. The student's injury is not serious, the same day in the hospital to finish the check on the discharge. Xiao Yan two people see the hill did not come out, quickly ran to the hill home to call his mother, but the hill home and no one to open the door, the two children and turned to the village for help, while the teacher shouted, the teacher hit it! "Eventually the police in the village, but unfortunately, when rescue workers arrived, the hill has been beaten into a two pin has been interrupted cut. When a reporter asked why small Yan teacher will suddenly attack, whether because they made what wrong angered the teacher, Xiao Yan said that before the incident they did not find what is the exception, and that we are very happy because the candy collar, also no one what mistakes, all come too suddenly. The

reporter then call the Wulian police. The police said the case is still under further investigation, a female teacher is suffering from mental illness, the staff told reporters: "

suspects have a mental illness from the legal perspective is very strict, must follow strict judicial procedures, judicial identification related. At present, the progress of the case or the notice issued by the police as the standard. "

reporter: Zhu Xiaochong

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Shandong teacher Bangsha children exposure details: students called monster

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