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The lion producer is developing "fable" card game

The lion the producer is Xbox.

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2016-05-31 09:54:19


"fable legend" was canceled, but based on a "fable" set the digital card game "fable destiny" (Fable Fortune) this week will start on Kickstarter to raise public.

, according to IGN news, the game was first inspired by the "Fable 2", but the lion began to develop until 2014. After the closure of Microsoft agreed to Lionhead studios authorized by the new independent studio Flaming Fowl member Craig Oman Mike, former head of West and Marcus Lynn created to continue the production of "fable" related to the theme of the game.

"fable fate" has some similar to the "hearthstone legend", but it has double teaming up against the computer model and card upgrade system. In addition, the game more unique "fable" style values of good and evil in the game system, game player made in the task of good and evil will affect the card and the hero selection. These cards and heroes will come from the "fable" in the game player known role.

because Microsoft will not issue "fable" fate, so Flaming Fowl studio will to raise public Kickstarter to achieve the game market. Up to a month to raise the public will be in Beijing time in May 31st at 10 in the evening to start. The goal is to raise 250 thousand pounds (about 2 million 400 thousand yuan). The game will start in a few weeks after the beta funds ended, and in PC and Xbox beta One in October this year, is expected to launch the game at the end of 2017.

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