Wide too Li Nian cast celebrate 31 years old birthday with cream painted face good playful

Li Nian cast cream Tencent birthday

xinlangyule· 2016-05-31 10:03:31

< p align = "center" >阔太李念剧组庆31岁生日 被用奶油涂脸好俏皮 < p < p align = "center" > this morning, Li Nian drying out in the crew of the birthday party photos, attached to the said "today a day from wake up, makeup, shooting, knock off, are chock full of moving and surprise. I will try my best to fulfill their roles, we return. This birthday, would like to thank the most is my mother and my little assistant, they let me can steadily and surely there is no burden in the work of the crew, without them, there is no me now. Also want to wish all the friends of today's birthday, happy birthday, dreams come true".

阔太李念剧组庆31岁生日 被用奶油涂脸好俏皮 "center"

Li Nian wearing a wreath, with cream in the nose point are very cute.

阔太李念剧组庆31岁生日 被用奶油涂脸好俏皮 "center"

"center" > the cast for Li Nianqingsheng.

>阔太李念剧组庆31岁生日 被用奶油涂脸好俏皮 "center"

Li Nian make a wish.

阔太李念剧组庆31岁生日 被用奶油涂脸好俏皮 "center"

阔太李念剧组庆31岁生日 被用奶油涂脸好俏皮

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