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Our army the whole journey the secret the weapon

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original title: Zhu RI and also can communicate smoothly, the Red Army has what secret weapons?

today published the "jiefangjun Bao" (May 31st) reported the army 14 army brigade in cross exercises to make full use of self-developed software, solve the problem of the tactical communication network deeds. According to reports, the troops as all participating units only one communication unit in the smooth process of a series of exercises in the cross.

I in the two generation of general crawler chassis on the new armored vehicle satellite communication, may be referred to

army 14 army brigade commander Liu Yile

communications command vehicle according to March of this year's "Liberation Army Daily reported, after Zhu and exercise the" real war test ", the informatization construction of the 14 army brigade is the to a higher level from the start to ensure smooth, joint combat training, give full play to the combat system. This also from the side shows that Zhu's day and a series of exercises on the importance of our army's modernization.

the following is today's "jiefangjun Bao" reported on the development of tactical network adaptive software 14 army brigade soldier Liu Yile

: "what, there are loopholes in the new equipment? You can really dare to say! "Watching the young soldier, the eyes stare like bells. The new equipment, they say, is a higher body near new communications command vehicle. With less than 3 months to cross brigade exercises, expect new equipment to the rapid formation of combat. This point suddenly questioned, for who are not willing to.

although the company commander looked surprised and angry, but Liu Yile was timid, he falls to the ground like speak your mind. It turned out that the training of a type of communication command car suddenly power off, careful Liu Yile found that other vehicles were affected by their networks have been disconnected from the communication network. In an emergency, the scene commander immediately contact each car with radio, and give the car a new contact documents after the completion of the re networking.

"training when the problem is solved, if on the battlefield how to do? Each communication command car may be a few kilometers, dozens of kilometers, and even farther, and the electromagnetic environment of the battlefield is complex, all kinds of radio communication equipment at any time there are interference, suppression of the possible. The premise in the car communication equipment to China Unicom, how to complete the network … … "listen to the sound analysis of Liu Yue, the commander could not help nodding.

can develop a specific software, the software is called "Eagle"! "Liu Yile then emerge in its totality solution. Communication security has always been related to the success or failure of the war, the moment dare not delay, immediately report to the brigade. Soon, received a reply: to create all conditions for Liu Yile, launched the "Eagle" plan immediately.

14 in a brigade of mountain infantry brigade, the equipment including 59D MBT

the -9 anti tank missile corps artillery brigade (anti tank battalion equipment in wartime, assigned to the first division and brigade with combat) can deal with foreign advanced tank


122 mm wheeled self-propelled artillery exercise period is approaching, the brigade place such a responsibility to themselves, can not mess up. "In fact, Liu Yile, and so on this day for a long time. The original recruits just under the company, the company cadres considered he was studying computer science at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, he was expected to tube company network, do some things to write about painting, but he did not appreciate, "I bring a pen enlist goal is to play professional expertise, striving to be the vanguard of informatization can win the war. "

now, the opportunity has finally come. Liu Yile constantly remind ourselves, we must be on time to develop the software. Since then, he in addition to participate in the normal training, education, the other time almost all "bubble" in the network room. One day late at night, when the instructor found that the network room lights still lit, went to find Liu Liu is staring at the computer in a daze. He had encountered problems in the programming process: how to find an interface to let the software can receive the information of communications equipment.

and two weeks of troops to adaptive training before the exercise, if not in the previous version to write software testing, "Eagle" is likely to become a never finished "unfinished project".

looked at the instructor Liu Yue become dejected and despondent, comforted him not too anxious, not to the complex simple, may change a way of thinking can have an unexpected harvest. Liu Yile. The next few days, he used the most simple and looks the most stupid way, the system comes with nearly a hundred kinds of call command tried a pass, and finally find the interface with the Tactical Internet equipment exchange information.

training of Eve, Liu Yile on the last line of code, carved the backpack into the cd. In field training, he must attack operation software in the car, although occasionally found some design bugs, but have been solved one by one. After two months of fighting, the nearly million lines of code software finally completed the first can be put into use conditions of combat version of "Eagle" contact planning software developed.

soon, the journey for all communication and command vehicle mount Eagle "". In cross maneuvers, in the face of strong electromagnetic interference blues, "Eagle" is many times; they also travel as all participating units only a smooth process of communication unit. The smoke clears, walked down the chariot, Liu Yile with a bright face, smile with confidence.

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