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Hangar fortress U.S. F-22

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< p > brief introduction: the Chinese air force through the construction of a new generation of cavern and single reinforcement masking library, improve the protection capability of the airport and combat aircraft, in order to improve the Air Force combat capability provides exposure solid ground support

CCTV Chinese air force of a new generation of single strengthen concealed library < p > recently, CCTV exposure of the Chinese Air Force J-10 forces training screen. From the picture can see the J-10 adopts a new generation reinforcement stand-alone masking library and improve the survivability of the Chinese Air Force fighter. < for combat aircraft, airport ground support, refueling and hanging bomb, this time is most dangerous combat aircraft, if attacked, basically no strike back of dint, the most obvious example is the early period of Soviet German war the German air force will be almost before Soviet Union Red Air destroy on the ground, and the third Middle East War at the beginning of the war against Israel on the use of air strikes the Arab air forces and hit on the ground, so after the Second World War, the various countries all extremely pay attention to the protection of combat aircraft, the former Soviet Union is the main strategic direction built a large number of aircraft cave. It is considered to be combat aircraft is the most effective masking the fortifications. < p > but aircraft cave higher requirements for the geography and topography, high cost, the other is the mouth of the cave, taxiways is unable to hide, once these two parts were destroyed, it may let cave fighter aircraft lost sortie ability. In this case single reinforcement masking library has become a focus of national development.

that exposed the aircraft very vulnerable to attack, destroyed on the ground, is not conducive to the maintenance of constant temperature and humidity hangar "img_box

F-22, general the aircraft without reinforcing the advantages of such hidden base treatment

is single dispersed deployment of aircraft, which increases the difficulty to attack each other, if combined with air defense system, can further improve the protection ability of the aircraft, the air force's attention, from the last century in 70s, NATO has developed stand-alone shelter reinforcement the three generation, the anti strike capability from the initial 500 pound bombs directly hit the development to the present 1 000 pounds, and the ability to fight against 2000 pounds of bombs directly hit the single reinforcement shelter is also developing.

but single reinforcement shelter also has its own shortcomings, the first is the cost is more expensive, especially strengthening shelter with high protection ability, also is the concealment of poor performance in a variety of reconnaissance system rising today, single shelter is very easy to be detected by the other, there is a library in a closed environment is not conducive to the fighter maintenance and reinforcement of stand-alone shelter for the requirements of anti strike capability, higher requirements for sealing performance, resulting in base of humidity and temperature tend to rise, this fighter precision electronic system, is very unfavorable, so we see a single aircraft shelter often before and after reinforcement, in order to reduce the temperature and humidity of ventilation.

the United States Air Force Base machine Bao group, can make the other fighter decentralized deployment, increase the difficulty of the attack of

can see such a strong hangar the protective ability of

early single hidden door reinforcement ability has insufficient

in single shelter the biggest problem is strengthening its ability to keep up with the development of threat protection, in the general aviation bomb, rocket era, it is difficult to directly hit the hangar however, the precision guided weapon era, a direct hit hangar is not a difficult task, so this Samples of single reinforcement masking library door ability put forward higher requirements, front said NATO requirements for reinforced hangar to resist the 500 pound bombs hit directly, now 1000 pounds of weapons are still insufficient. Therefore, countries are now depending on the threat of building door can force the hangar, reasonable configuration.

China air force enemy threat at the beginning, and "big fight, as has been the guiding ideology of the construction of the air force, so the airport protection also attaches great importance to the airport depot, underground fortifications become Chinese air force ground security development direction of the system construction, this China air force in the country to build the airport depot and a large number of underground command, oil depots, ammunition and other underground fortifications, in some areas affected by the terrain limits the construction of a large number of single reinforced shelter, has formed a certain protective ability of airport engineering protection system, to meet the Air Force combat and training needs, to lay a solid foundation for the development of new century air play.

China air force early aircraft depot

overseas media reports Chinese Air Force aircraft depot aircraft

cavern in the fight against GBU-28 laser penetrator against the obvious advantages

is currently the strongest single shelter are unbearable B-2 launch GBU-37 projectile attack

considering the enemy with the most a strong land attack capability, especially the GBU-28/-37 weighing several tons of earth penetrator with Strong power, even if NATO's current single strongest protection level libraries are difficult to resist this hidden weapons, the Gulf War Iraq despite strong hangar, but it is still difficult to resist the military combat, opposite the Kosovo war, the Southern Alliance with caverns to reduce the losses China airport, so the air force in the new century will still be the cavern as airport protection a key project, such as the New Century Southern Zone is still under construction and the original airport depot, depot reinforcement.

China air force early single hidden reinforcement library

a new generation of single hidden reinforcement library, pay attention to the protection ability than the early model raises many

considering the terrain is not easy to build the airport, air force Chinese new generation single hidden reinforcement library construction, according to the overseas data, China in a new generation of single hidden protection reinforcement library met the new standards of NATO, that is able to withstand a direct hit 1000 pound bombs, especially for each other's tactics such as the use of precision guided bomb blast door, with high explosive bombs shock wave into the hangar to destroy the aircraft, or Let the door structure damage, allow the aircraft can not be dispatched, focus on strengthening the protection of the hangar doors.

latest single reinforcement masking Library of door door and opening were focused on improved < so a new generation of cavern and single reinforcement masking library is built. The Chinese air combat training, combat needs. In order to improve the combat capability of the Chinese air force provides powerful ground support.

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