[original] roadside vendors can move the phone to pay attention to the safety of mobile payment

Mobile phone security pancake fruit

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" before go out to bring my wallet, now afraid to forget with charger. " This is a true portrayal of people in the era of mobile payments. However, as an important part of the mobile Internet portal payment behavior, is also facing a complex security situation.

pay not see the roadside stalls can now Jinlu mobile payment

"buy breakfast when the change is not open, active stall even said that WeChat can pay." Recently, the people of the public in the purchase of pancake fruit, found that the mobile payment tentacles have reached the roadside stalls, which makes her feel both convenient and incredible. Style= white-space: "normal >

for office workers, Mr. Hu, this feeling is even stronger. "The morning is a taxi software, buy clothes with WeChat paid by APP group purchase a lunch, even to spend 500 dollars to repair the computer is a direct hit to the maintenance of the master of alipay." Mr Hu recalled his day down to spend a number of times, but the cash in the pockets of 10 Fen did not move, so that the situation has become the norm. Style= white-space: "normal >

4 8, CNN reporter

from street vendors to large supermarket chains, many of Beijing's business acceptance of mobile payment, and most of the payment is completed by WeChat and Alipay to pay. Hundreds of millions of Chinese are using Alipay and WeChat to pay, but also is the rapid development of mobile payment industry. Style= white-space: "normal >

mobile payment mobile phone security is not strong head wind but can let down

gradually replaced the mobile phone wallet, brings convenience, but also allows users to start to worry about the safety of mobile phone. "In the past, lost cell phone only it is the love of mobile phone, now lost cell phone like lost all of his possessions to the same, but also feel particularly troublesome." Liu a few days before the public did not care to lose the phone, worried about half a day did not slow over the god.

Liu said that mobile phones now have everything, mobile banking, needless to say, shopping sites, chat software, such as taxi software are and bank card binding with. Moreover, the popularity of mobile payments to make the payment process more and more convenient. "Before the transfer need password, password card, and now as long as the importation of several digital password on the line, small and even do not need to enter." Xiao Liu said, think of these to tremble, once lost a mobile phone, it means that all passwords should change over to feel at ease. Xiao Liu's worry is not redundant, throw the phone is relatively extreme situation, the normal use of the phone's payment security also affects a lot of people's heart.

according to the monitoring center for Internet Security 360, 2015 annual cumulative intercepted Android platform new malware samples compared to 2014 rose nearly 6 times. And from the future trend, the mobile terminal growth rate of malicious programs or significantly more than PC. Not only the number of more, according to the hunting network platform statistics, in 2015 the per capita loss of mobile network fraud caused by about 5577 yuan, this figure is 737 yuan higher than the PC side. Within the next one or two years, mobile phone terminal network fraud crime rate and per capita loss will continue to grow.

at the same time, SMS fraud, the phone is lost to become one of the serious threats to the security of mobile payment, two-dimensional code Trojan phishing scams and electronic password upgrade fraud, is the needle of the mobile payment popular typical network tricks.

last month of CCTV 315 party, expert network through a live demonstration reduction criminals through the real case of free public WiFi to steal personal information, steal the process simple and fast speed horrifying. In this survey, in "public Wi Fi for risk index score of network activity" in the title, the use of online banking (72%), cloud data synchronous (53%) and the bank / mortgage information (60%) ranked high risk network activity the top three.

in this regard, security experts also suggest that everyone to use the phone to complete the payment, don't blindly convenience, to confirm the visit website of normality, for regular trading process, cautious strangers send links are effective against the virus.