Our sales data is amazing, but less hot products, capital chain is referssaves the risk of fracture, titanium morning

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Apple tried with cheap products please for price sensitive consumers India plans once again frustrated; one of four blanks, single brush to brush out the new routine; next year the dispute will become VR mobile phone experience for a new round of war broke out and configuration of Dingtai NEW; material 31 resumption, SF holdings intends backdoor listing; April Chinese smartphone market share released Millet, scored 26% to win again; the Ministry: 29 APP "toxic" 60 thousand imaginary number "fraud"; China Unicom again reduced international roaming charges.

today's headlines: LETV amazing sales data, but the hot products, capital chain is referssaves

sales data on the market can be amazing breakthrough, selling products very little. This contrast, in the performance of the network as a network in 2015 also appeared in the report. Reporters found that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit last year reached 573 million yuan, an increase of more than 57%. Investors surprise, net profit can increase in profit of minority shareholders at the expense of the huge loss. In addition, in May 27th, many experts told reporters that the music as ecology, the concept of content by aroused the interest of investors, but with the "ecosystem" continues to expand around the demand for capital is also more and more high risk, prone to funding strand breaks.

Changjiang Daily reporter combing found that in a non wholly owned subsidiary of important to the minority income loss mainly has 5, including music to new electronic technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" the new "), LETV cultural development (Beijing) Co. Ltd., LETV music as cloud computing, electronic commerce (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and LETV sports culture industry development (Beijing) Co. Ltd., gains and losses attributable to the minority shareholders are approximately -3.028 million, -51 million, -4011 million, -165 million Vanward -1084, minority shareholders the shareholding ratio of 41.45% each, 49%, 40%, 70% and 40%.

why minority income will appear huge loss? In May 27th, the investment adviser senior researcher Xue Shengwen to the Yangtze River Daily reporter said: "this behind the suspected transfer of benefits, LETV minority income Jukui, and these losses of minority shareholders behind the actual control per capita for chairman Jia Yueting LETV or is associated with LETV company."

to the most serious losses caused by the new case, new founded in June 2012, its minority stake of 41.45%, respectively, as the holding (Beijing) Limited (about 21.67%), Beijing Bay eyebrow hung Technology Co. Ltd (0.78%), Le Xin asset management (Tianjin) partnership (limited partnership, about 19%).

report shows that in 2015, the new operating income of about 8 billion 693 million yuan, but net profit was approximately -7.3 billion yuan, in 2014 net profit of -3.86 billion yuan. The music Holdings (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "LETV Holdings") is the legal representative of Jia Yueting, Jia Yueting and Jia Yuefang from the natural person shareholders and corporate shareholders of Huixin asset management (Tianjin) asset management partnership and the partnership enterprise (Tianjin).

in this regard, the Ministry of finance accounting qualification assessment center experts, Beijing Technology and Business University Business School professor Wang Fengjuan said, on the surface is the loss of other minority shareholders, but in fact these minority shareholders behind the controller are almost Jia Yueting, huge transport the interests of minority shareholders in subsidiary companies by huge losses to shareholders, make LETV performance looks more beautiful, which can make the stock price rising.

many future work will turn for such a model, namely many tasks in our work will be taken over artificial intelligence. And a large part of our work will be how to work with artificial intelligence to better fit. Therefore, if people want to prepare for their career, then you can train yourself to deal with artificial intelligence. Your salary will be closely related to your understanding of artificial intelligence, and this is my advice on career.  

Internet has become the enterprise standard, the future, every enterprise will become For Internet companies. Internet plus is essentially the physical resources of the Internet, the future of Internet retail new opportunities online, will be the birth of a new pattern, a new ecological hard to imagine now, for the rich accumulation of entities, will be a rare opportunity to upgrade.    

today more message

Apple trying to use cheap products for consumers with price sensitive India plans once again frustrated

earlier this month and reported that the India government has rejected second of the application of apple. Yesterday evening, the news has been confirmed. According to India media reports, the India government has officially refused to sell the India Apple Corp in the market to sell refurbished iPhone proposal.

according to India website Livemint reports, India industry and Commerce Minister Nilmara Sitalaman (Nirmala Sitharaman) said at a press conference on Monday, apple refurbished iPhone sales in India has rejected the request. "We do not support any of the company's sales of used phones in our country, no matter how they are certified," said the company."

report also said that if Apple hopes to improve the company's presence in India, the best looking the other way instead of relying on the sale of second-hand iPhone.

four up blanks, brush a single brush a new routine

4 19 August, Taiyuan Xiaodian area less than 20 square meters of rented room, two large snakeskin bag to express more cramped room. Here's 876 empty packages, is the original Shanxi rhyme express courier business card in 4 months between the collection.

"many Taobao stores will by the courier company or the empty bag net for the 'empty package brush' to improve the store credit, this is an open secret in the industry." Zhang Yi said, the courier company for free in between black and white gray business already knew, even some clearly express company launched air price package business, "after all, earn a lot".

brush single form, the harvest is the consumer lvjinbujue fake and bad shopping experience.

dintec new material 31 resumption, SF holdings intends backdoor listing

China April smartphone market share, millet scored 26% and then winning strong>

5 31 April according to technology website PhoneArena reports, now China intelligent mobile phone market has started to slow down, but it is still the world's largest market, manufacturers are struggling to attract new consumers. Since the first quarter of this year sales performance, millet recently launched a large counterattack, the latest data show that in April this year, millet in the country once again took the top spot. Market research firm Sanofi (Sino) data show that in April millet had 26% market share, followed by HUAWEI and the sub brand glory, its market share was 15.7%. Take the third overall position is a new intelligent mobile phone as its military band, market share was 10.5%.

MIIT: 29 APP" toxic "60 thousand imaginary number" fraud "

Xinhua News Agency: the UAV can no control, risk and risk of

elong shareholders voted to approve the privatization transaction, the fastest in June

Mobile Games CCTV exposure data fraud astonishing: a technology of two channels are style=" >

5 "Sept. 30, Mobile Games has always been considered a high income industry, however, found on CCTV before the survey, Mobile Games industry crazy brush single, recharge water and other acts of unfair competition, seriously disrupting the order of the market Mobile Games. Found in the CCTV survey, a self occupied Mobile Games brush list 50% of the market share of the enterprise, the person in charge of the brush standings behavior control more than 9 thousand and 700 ApPStore mobile phone to Mobile Games products, each mobile phone can restart 100 times. This can be achieved with a single cell phone to replace more than 100 accounts for brush standings behavior, so that the overall composition of the 1 million brush standings behavior.

Unicom again reduced international roaming charges

yesterday, China Unicom announced since June 1st substantially reduced international roaming charges, including voice and data services, including data of international roaming tariffs on average by 72%. This is China Unicom in May last year, after third times in October to reduce international roaming charges, but also the largest decline in rates once. This international roaming tariff adjustment, voice related to 130 countries and regions, the average decline of 48%. Data involving 116 countries and regions, the average decline of 72%. At the same time the 5 metadata tariff zone range consists of 87 to 112, 33 directions covering "The Belt and Road" of countries and regions.

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Ting Jia Yue said the music as to free hardware, apple Samsung HUAWEI induced" shelling "

titanium media carpet interview lasted for half a year, the depth, the most comprehensive, the most authoritative" China VR entrepreneurial ecology and investment trend report "officially released. Click read the original style= font-size: "16px line-height:; 25.6px " a key direct. Style= text-align:center "

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