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just held after the March 27 HPL2015 season around the world finals hero mutual entertainment, began in April, has force new paragraph 9, game types include transverse fighting, TPS, dimension in Wushu, FPS, shooting + defense, develop classes, parkour, ARPG tour hand movements etc. respectively, and has entered the closed beta, on-line phase. Which "shadow blade 2", "the peak of the battleship", "armored alliance", "beach landing 3D", "bouncing Island 2" for this Q2 force of heavy products.

the shadow blade 2 -- 2016 first S-class fighting tour masterpiece, more fit to participate in mobile gaming event requirements, 3 month half of the project's first test, retained 65% the next day, 3 days retained 40%.

" the peak of the battleship "delete files test -- for the first time to pay for 65%, 3 for 45%, refresh the record Mobile Games category" xmyeditor "

on-line time: April 14th - April 21st first billing delete files test

"the peak" is the world's first pure. TPS athletic naval tour to support 10v10 real-time battle, quasi reduction and number, Queen Elizabeth, Bismarck, Washington, and two hundred famous warships including the players want to according to the terrain and weather, opponents attack rhythm and teammate collaborative play tactics and game production with the unity engine, diurnal dynamic weather system, optimizing fired and explosive system, with sea realistic 3D simulation effect. It is worth mentioning is that "the peak of the battleship" provides automatic and manual mode, automatic mode can make the player more energy in the opponent's combat, and manual mode is more to the captain's custom. Of course, players can also modify the warships. "The peak of the battleship" has nearly a hundred people's global R & D team, and this game global with the service has in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries expansion first beta, Russian media named "the most anticipated military tour," hero for mutual entertainment global process to lay a solid foundation and deservedly become the hero mutual entertainment self-sustaining event HPL events.

can be said, "the peak of the battleship" is mutual hero entertainment 2016 the heavy products, for the first time through multiple channels opened a deleted file pay test, and the test the next day retention reached 65%, 3 retained up to 45%, refresh the record of TPS naval mobile games category.

game record:

", and "armored alliance" shadow blade 2 "," the peak of the battleship "par Military Competitive dimension class Mobile Games

" R & D: Hero mutual entertainment big devil studio

1.6; just in the end of the HPL2015 season the global finals, mutual hero Entertainment announced heavy strategic products in addition to the previously mentioned "shadow blade 2" and "the peak of the battleship", and the armored alliance ", and this first dimension in Wu class athletics tour. Needless to say, will also become a hero mutual entertainment events of the HPL, will fast speed fill gaps in the global market dimension of competition.

"armored alliance" marine play operation simple and approachable, history 100 classic tank height reduction, the real battle. Introducing the "Institute" set, university national forces will also fight. All the students are adorable sister, truly internationally and beautiful girl fight together, and this adorable sister there are more than a hundred, characteristics, such as in one fell swoop destroy a teaching building, arrogant unreasonable, impulsivity, regardless of the consequences, will also appear in mother of Stalin, Zhukov, Barton. Meng sister is not only MOE, there are different technician skills, control of different tanks to produce different damage effects. In addition to the

character set, to a certain extent, "armored" alliance is also expected to play the hero mutual entertainment hopes, self-sustaining events HPL hero mutual entertainment are also leveraging the "armored" alliance first to open the military dimension of athletic competition market, "armored" alliance can support real-time strategy of competitive battle, joined the Live2D technology. In addition to the real battle tanks, but also restore the true physical trajectory of bullets, missiles, laser battle screen, game player can use their own preferences and strategic combat and adorable sister collection tank, diversification, the strategy to develop, to guide the concept of command, the miniature battlefield sandbox, defeat the enemy soldiers to experience array kills pleasure. The game is the same as the details of control, slow down the speed of the tanks quicksand, paint barrels for tank discoloration. Can you not talk live2D so

you? Your sister? Do you know German don't say is how say? You know Russian shyness is how to say? You know ya: butterfly is what meaning? You can flirt sister? Do you have rags? You can fire a cannon? You can spray conversion? In table fight? You know mother of Hitler's long what kind? Do you know the Yalta conference had said what? You know sister tank is what appearance? You know the tiger gun tube power size? "" armored alliance "can instantly experience, let we together look forward to.

3D" - 700 million "landing game player childhood computer will be installed" landing "out of the Mobile Games version, and it will have a version of VR

R & D: Hero mutual entertainment

"Copyright: landing the father of" Pepemorena

3D "landing is a fixed-point shooting and stereo Mobile Games, abandon the game characters the mobile game fun back to pure shooting itself, emphasizes the war than local fighting, undertake" grab Beach landing "PC" by far and near the oppression feeling, pleasant sensation of bullets fired by soldiers, "switch to a different weapon, destroy the enemies" the core fun, still in the original basis, plus a large number of the world's gun, and will allow players to personally on the enhancement to the original endless computer soldiers was improved, launched the world's boss (8 pm every night time boss, global players together kill), fishing type PVP more interactive gameplay, game, can also mercenaries of various special skills training, called mercenaries fighting together.

"beach landing" the IP that year very popular worldwide downloaded 2 million times, with 7 million players had on the PC installed this game. On the one hand, the series lasted for 16 years not launch new products, is looking forward to for a long time, on the other hand, hero based on mutual entertainment of the gunfight game successful trader experience coupled with HPL mobile gaming events to boost, mutual willingness to the IP under the condition of reality do a new product. It is understood that the "landing" will appear in the VR version of 3D.

"bomb" - bomb Island 2 adorable "explosive" to you and sister paper only one bomb the distance

the projectile Island 2 "is the projectile island" in the original sequel, is a to the island against the backdrop of the strategy of fighting hand tour, game character Q cute, adorable, in addition to the clothing variety of cool, cool fighting effects, arcade hit, compared to the previous, also added a guild wars, boss of the world, to develop a pet, such as a variety of play. "Bomb Island 2" weapons and other types of props is more diverse, with many strange effects, so that players have a different visual impact. Chat is to join the voice system, increase the overall social nature of the game, set up a marriage system. From athletics, resurrection, melee, a variety of war play, mushrooms, the queen, pirates, multiple copies of BOSS, so that players feel stimulated and rich strategic fun game.

"Bomb Island 2" original parabolic gameplay players through targeting and pre judging projection method, hit the opponent or destroy the terrain, so as to defeat the opponents, flight more, therapy and other gameplay elements into one, in the game is simple without losing the competitive and entertainment.

can see in strongly held HPL events at the same time, mutual hero entertainment with the universal gunfight "Daily" dazzle dance "the romance of Three Kingdoms", "adventure and mining" the summer beauty diary also "like, in the non-stop to strengthen its product reserves, Q2 including announced HPL2015 season world finals on the pound of the shadow edge 2", "the peak of the battleship", "armored alliance", 9 kinds of travel, each with its own characteristics, its in this year and quickly occupied the mobile gaming and gaming events market lay a good foundation, let us wait and see.

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