SamsungPay| travel in itself, but it is not the same as looking for me


sanxingshouji· 2016-05-31 15:31:42

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what? Pursuit of what? What do you know?

listen to a wind, a piece of writing, a cup of coffee, as a story"

; travel itself, but is not the same for me

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Book of the sea, around 180 degrees seascape Museum in

talk is all in the mood,

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different travel but for the shaping of not the same as their own

let travel embellishment of life, let life return mood

realize not the same as their own, do their own challenges pay


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a mobile phone

different travel, not the same as pay!

Samsung mobile phone (samsung_mobile1

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SamsungPay| trendsetter feature, you have?

SamsungPay| travel in itself, but it is not the same as looking for me