2 year old boy in the mall was picked up and sent gold jewelry disappeared

Kiki gold jewelry gold necklace police station man

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lift the Kiki and the strange man


Kiki was taken away in the mall

shopping mall People are hurrying to and fro. more than two years, the little boy Kiki (a pseudonym) from the 5 floor into the elevator, the elevator a gray man pushed him away, leaving the mall directly. The family searched to no avail, thought Kiki was abducted.

surprise is that Kiki was sent to 800 meters outside the police station Yang jiahe. Strange is that man will be sent to the police station after Kiki left in a hurry, and Kiki wearing gold jewelry also mysteriously disappeared. There are so many people puzzled in wusheng Cade square this scene

the day before yesterday, so many shopping mall staff, why the man will Kiki away? Where did Kiki's gold jewelry go? Who is this strange man in the end? Kiki disappeared for more than and 40 minutes, in the end what happened?

mall elevator , a two-year-old boy was a strange man walking Cade square wusheng road coordinates

", a strange man two years old boy was wearing a gray suit away, please forward for help......"

from the day before yesterday (May 29th), this tracing information began to spread in micro-blog and WeChat. Witnesses described in detail after, said he saw a man and a woman on Zhongshan Avenue in front of the mall next to cry, one early childhood center staff is holding a photo of Kiki asked the crowd, "have you seen this boy?".

photos on the cute little boy is two years old three months of Kiki. On the morning of 29, his grandmother, grandmother and aunt took him to the mall 5 floor of a preschool class.

at noon after school, grandma to go home to cook, my grandmother and aunt took Kiki to play in the early learning center. 1 pm, Kiki suddenly disappeared, his family quickly contact mall broadcasting, security is also in search of each layer, but there is no trace of Kiki.

, mall staff to view the surveillance video found, Kiki walked into the elevator center next to the elevator, in addition to Kiki, there is a young man wearing a gray t-shirt.

from the surveillance video, Kiki into the elevator to see the stranger a little want to go out, but then closed the elevator door. The man saw Kiki did not accompany the parents, and did not bring him to the mall front desk, or to seek help security, but holding Kiki from the mall to go out, disappeared in Zhongshan avenue.

Kiki's family rushed to the mall, to see the video in the scene, they are anxious. A lot of enthusiastic users also help forward the Kiki photos and elevator monitoring video capture, hoping to find Kiki.

children were sent back to the body of the

gold jewelry take wings to itself in Kiki's family sad, good news, about 1:50 in the afternoon, a man, a little boy was sent to the Chongren Road, Wuhan City Public Security Bureau police station Yang Jiahe water branch.

family rushed to the police station to see, indeed as expected is Kiki.

yesterday, AFP reporters came to Cade square development center. An insider confirmed the matter, said Kiki did find.

but the family later found out that Kiki wore in the neck of the gold necklace and wrist bracelets are gone.

reporter then went to the mall from 800 meters away from the police station Yang jiahe. Police said that the afternoon of that day, there is a young man will hold over Kiki. Police are preparing to do registration, Kiki cried, the police busy to coax Kiki, the man then left the police station.

Kiki's parents rushed to the police station, but also to the police, said Kiki body jewelry disappeared.

is currently the police are trying to find the man.

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